· can perform the complex task of matching,

·     Abstract  


Hospital Information System (HIS) is vital to conclusion making and maneuver a
crucial role in the winner of the organization. Computerization of the medical
records and documentation has resulted in efficient data management and information
dissemination for the exploiter . Hospital Information System addresses the
entire major functional arena of modern multi-specialty hospital . The package
enables improved patient care, patient safety, efficiency and reduced
Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun cost . It provides
easy access to critical information, thereby enabling management to make better
decision on prison term . Aims: The short-term object glass of the on-line
computerized system are to reduce costs and improve the accuracy and
seasonableness of patient care, accounting and administration, record holding ,
and management reporting. The long-term goal is to physical body and maintain
patient database for analysis of data to facilitate decision-making process. Methods:
To ladder the system it requires some Hardware & Database for IT
Department. The technique involves Patient Enrolment System, Finance &
Accounts, Human Resource Direction System, Laboratory, Out Patient Management
System, and Inpatient Management System. Results: In the mid seventies, a
complex was established at Shahbag area in the name of East Pakistan Institute
of Research and Renewal in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders

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Deploying IT can
help the medical profession in improving its quality of service and thus
automatically increasing the preparedness and defensiveness. Of course, it is
of vital importance that the software must have the right type of modularity
and openness so that it is manageable, maintainable and upgradeable. They can
perform the complex task of matching, tabulating, calculating, retrieving,
printing and securing the data as required. Well designed, integrated computer
system can be a great tool in the hands of the hospital management in improving
services, controlling cost, and ensuring optimal utilization of facilities.







·     Introduction


Information Systems can be defined as massive, integrated systems that support
the comprehensive information requirements of hospitals, including patient,
clinical, ancillary and financial management. Hospitals are extremely complex institutions
with large departments and units coordinate care for patients. Hospitals are
becoming more reliant on the ability of hospital information system (HIS) to
assist in the diagnosis, management and education for better and improved
services and practices.

Hospital Information
System (HIS) is vital to decision making and plays a crucial role in the
success of the organization. Computerization of the medical records and
documentation has resulted in efficient data management and information
dissemination for the users. Managers, clinicians and other healthcare workers
can now access the information without delay or errors. Present study reveals,
the existing system requires upgradation to meet the requirements of the
managers and the clinicians. Participants feel HIS assists in decision making,
and medical audit. Participants felt that the existing HIS resulted in longer
time for OPD consultation and delay in investigation results. Majority of the
participants feel that HIS helps in education and research.


Hospital Information
System addresses the entire major functional areas of modern multi-specialty
hospitals. The package enables improved patient care, patient safety, and
efficiency and reduced costs. The system provides the benefits of streamlining
operations, enhanced administration and control, improved responses, cost
control and improved profitability.

The System is
developed to maintain a secured database of patients and business information.

This system was planned to address the challenges encountered by healthcare
centers such as small & large hospitals and private clinics





The importance of the HIS are lessened
patient sitting tight time for arrangement, charging and gathering of
prescription from drug store and decreased time for analytic outcome readiness
by straightforwardly catching the information from machines. Persistent records
accessible in the doctor’s facility and can be alluded by any advisor whenever
from any area. On-line factual information is accessible for center and best
Management for basic leadership. Money related information is accessible at any
given purpose of time. Human asset information accessible on-line for taking
any choice on labor required. In HIS on-line information is accessible on
income, understanding insights, specialist execution, division execution and
money related information on spending plan for Management choice. It
additionally enhances tolerant care, cost control and information security



In a large healing
center, which devotes considerable
stress on affected role charge ? The short time object of the computerized
system are to reduce costs and improve the accuracy and patness of patient
care, accounting, presidency , record keeping, and direction reporting. The
long-term goal is to build and maintain patient database for analysis of data
to facilitate decision-making process. This vision to maintain complete
paperless and film less patient records, where patient will not carry any papers
anytime to come to the infirmary was a major challenge for us







To run HIS it requires some hardware,
software and database for IT department like two node cluster SERVER with
storage device, application SERVER, backup SER VER, server rack, switch RAC,
KVM switch, on Line UPS, voltage stabilizer, database(RDMS) with RAC, network
cable, network switch, RJ-45 connector, laptop, computer, lager printer, DOT
matrix printer, technical Instrument.



·     Technique


The technique involves some systems
like Patient Registration, Patient Appointment, Patient Billing, Finance &
Accounts, Pharmacy Management, Medical Store, Procurement Management, Assets
Management, Human Resource Management, Payroll Management, Laboratory
Management, Patient Appointment Management, Out Patient Management, Inpatient
Management, Nursing Care Management, Accident & Emergency Management , Kitchen
Management, Diet & Nutrition Management, Library Management, OT Management,
Infection Control Management, Social Welfare Management, Engineering
Management, Intensive Care Information, Mortuary Information, Forensic Medicine
Information, Security & Access Control Management Systems.




·     Challenges of


The main challenges
to implementation of HIS in the rural hospitals are lack of computer equipment
with high speed internet facilities, lack of computer skill manpower and cost
of computers. Therefore from the findings the current ICT technologies in place
within the rural areas in developing countries are still unreliable,
inaccessible and not sustainable.

• Some peoples some
time resist the computerization.

• Shortage of skill
technical people in HIS in Bangladesh

• In a hospital most
of top label management is doctors, so they can understand the importance of IT
in hospital.





• Designing the
system to be followed in all the departments in computerized environment

• Designing the
software for all the specialty doctors for e-prescriptions and e-medical
records from the day one of the starting of the hospital

• Making live from
the day of starting the hospital

• Complete electronic
patient record

• Fully integrated
front office and back office operations

• Also paperless
environment for materials, pharmacy, finance and HR



·     Conclusion


It would thus be
able to be seen that conveying IT can help the restorative calling in enhancing
its nature of administration and along these lines naturally expanding the
readiness and protectiveness. Obviously, it is of fundamental significance that
the product must have the correct sort of particularity and transparency with
the goal that it is sensible, viable and upgradeable. The equipment ought to
likewise be dependable, accessible and have the important execution limit.

Positively, PCs with their inherent power can assume a noteworthy part in a
healing center. PCs can go about as a correspondence connect amongst divisions
and enable the basic database to be shared by them. They can play out the
intricate errand of coordinating, organizing, computing, recovering, printing
and securing the information as required. Very much outlined, incorporated PC
framework can


be an incredible
instrument in the hands of the doctor’s facility administration in enhancing
administrations, controlling expense, and guaranteeing ideal use of offices.



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