Western National Insurance Group it’s fundamentally a private mutual insurance agency which was set up 115 years back and giving quality services to policyholder’s property and setback protection needs. The challenge of this organization is to plan a program that will profit and oversees costs with the support of the CEO’s commitment to deal with the representatives and all the while offering to a great degree benefits.


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·         To change the medical coverage from the national carrier to a generally evaluated provincial carrier alongside expansive appealing tools, systems, and assets.

·         Providing instruction to the representatives on the most proficient method to utilize and have a hands-on their medicinal services benefits, which should be more successful and effective. Creating and lidding representative gatherings to help them with the goal that it turns out to be better for a customer on healthcare basis.

·         Giving more significance and custom-made a well-being advantage to get to health conditions and physician recommended drugs that were comparable to the representative.

·         To acquire trust from the employees and leaders with the goal that they can go about as a genuine prolongation of the western national group. Keeping administration updated for future changes and helping them to address issues with the goal that it isn’t late before they confront issues.

·         Giving progressing industry data with the goal that the advantages are predominant for those offered by alternate employees.


·         Helping employees offer support to the social insurance clients, the cost resulting in a cost-proficient for both the representatives and the organization.

·         Controlling and settling cost for the organization and empowered them to proceed by giving high-esteem advantages to the employees. The top of the line benefits offered to Western National representatives helped them to procure The Principal 10 Best Companies for Employee Financial Security award in the year 2011.


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