1)Tell should set up water resources warning education.

1)Tell me what you know about water.Water plays an important role in our life. It is the source of life and one of the most important material resources on which human beings depend on survival and development. Man’s life cannot be separated from water. Water is the most important material for human life. To be more specific, the human body is complicated, and all the chemical reactions in our body are managed by water, without water, the nutrients cannot be absorbed, waste cannot be ruled out and people will die. Therefore, water is the most important material for human life. To be general, on earth, where there is water, there is life. All life activities originate from the water. Water in the human body accounts for about 70 percent of the body weight. Once the human body is short of water, the consequences are serious. Without food, people can live for a long time (some people may survive two months), and if there is no water, they can live for a week or so.    What’s more, water is a key thing for our daily life. We need water for cooking food, washing our body, washing clothes, keeping houses and communities clean, keeping plants alive in gardens and parks.    For our society, no industrial sector does not use water. No industry is directly or indirectly related to water. More industries use water to cool equipment or product, such as steel mills. Water is also often used as a detergent, such as raw material or product. Water almost participates in every production.     Therefore, water, as a precious treasure created by nature is important. However, the percentage of fresh water is very few in the total amount of water. The salty sea water and a part of the groundwater that is difficult to use. The value of water resources is high.  2)What should we do to protect our water?I think these are thousands way to protect our water. First of all, people need to aware that saving water is glorious and wastewater is shameful. Then, the government should set up water resources warning education. A few decades ago, people thought that water is inexhaustible. In fact, the water on the earth is not all useful. So, people must build up the awareness of water, and take various forms of water resource warning education. Secondly, water resources must be developed reasonable to avoid water damage. The development of water resources includes surface water resource development and groundwater resource development. It is necessary to strictly check those factories which use water a lot and tell them how to effectively prevent water pollution and ensure the sustainable development of the water. Next, people need to increase tree planting activities. Forests can save water for us. Also, people should improve water resource utilization and reduce wastage of water resources. The key to effective water saving is to reuse water resources. If everyone keeps reusing water, it not only benefits the environment but also benefits our own financing. The last thing is water resources pollution prevention and control. Water pollution including surface water pollution and the groundwater pollution. So many things can cause the pollution of water, such as the production process of industrial wastewater, industrial waste, industrial waste gas and human daily waste. Therefore, there should be something can effective prevention and control of production and living sewage.It is everyone’s duty to protect water resources.3)What can an individual do to make a difference?Personally, I take a shower once a day. I think we can reduce the chance of playing water gun. Especially during summer, people waste water a lot. As a man, I think we don’t need to take shower frequently. Think about the places where lack of water so badly. If we see someone is wasting water in public, we should go stop them and persuade them ever do that again. Tell our friends to avoid using any product that can pollute water. On World Water Day, we can urge people to recognize the urban water crisis for what it is. We also can urge the government to establish a new policy to manage to protect our water. In the future, we can teach our children the importance of water and let your children tell their friends about this. A single person’s power is weak, but we collect everyone’s power together it will be really strong.  


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