When the Europeans first arrived to American,
they had come to a variety of Indian societies. First off, there was a huge number
of Indians from all different locations, over hundreds of tribes were spread
all over North and South America. Most of these tribes communicated in their
own language within their own society. Also their living situation and style
was completely different, from stone houses to tents, even the tools their used
to hunt and farm. Trading was different due to the locations they were living
at.  The noticed that each group had
their own political system, religious beliefs and over hundreds of mutually unintelligible
languages. The Indians identity only consisted of: a tribe, village, chiefdom
or confederacy.  One common interest that
diverse Indian societies of North America do have was their religious ceremonies
were usually directed to farming and hunting.

In the Chesapeake region, a majority of the
population were Protestants. The Church of England had maintained many of the
elements of the catholic religion such as their rituals and doctrine. John
Calvin’s approach to the world, in his own world, promoted the “world was
divided between the elect and the damned” (Foner, pg. 65). Puritans had their
beliefs that religious uniformity was needed for social order. They also did
not believe in religious toleration.

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During the 17th century, the
different between the South and New England was the growth in slavery. New England’s
slavery developments was slower than the south. The Chesapeake population had a
huge amount of the slave by 95%. This was because of how cheap it was to have a
servant over slave. The South had a better growth and interest in slavery and
it became huge. The right the slaves had were also completely different, as the
Spains American empire had more rights. An example is of this was servants were
able to get or access freedom and owning properties. This proves that the Spain
empire with slavery outdid the New England.


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