With (Addres) (Date) Madam, Ref.: Policy No. ____________

With great pain, I would like to intimate you of the unex­pected and untimely death of my husband, ____________ (Husband Name), on ____________ (Date).

His death was due to a sudden attack on the day before ____________ (Date), the copy of the medical report is enclosed herewith for your information. He breathed his last at the ____________ (Hospital Name), ____________ (Address). Being a legal heir to the late ____________ (Husband Name), I request you to send me the necessary papers to enable me to claim the amount of the above policy.

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I’m sure you will be considerate enough to realise that an early settlement of the claim, will considerably ease the financial pressure on me in this crucial hour. Yours Faithfully, (Your Name) W/o Late (Husband Name)

Reply to the previous letter

To,(Name)(Addres)(Date) Madam, Ref.: Policy No.

____________ of ____________ (Customer Name), de­ceased on ____________ (Date). We are extremely sorry and shocked to hear the untimely demise of your husband, ____________ (Name). Kindly ac­cept our sincere and heartfelt condolences. We assure you that at this hour of grief, we would defi­nitely like to settle your claim at the earliest. We have enclosed with this letter Form D and a memo of instruc­tions. You are requested to fill the form accordingly and sent it to us at the earliest. We also need the following documents to enable us to expedite the matter. (i) Original copy of the Policy (ii) Death Certificate of ____________ (Consumer Name) (iii) Succession Certificate issued by the appropri­ate court From our records it has been found that the last quar­terly premium due on ____________ (Date) has not been paid.

You are requested to remit the amount of ____________ (Amount in Words) towards the said premium in order to complete the settlement process. We assure you of our best co-operation in the matter. Yours Faithfully,Divisional Manager(Insurance Company Name)(Address)

2. Wife’s Letter to Insurance Company Informing About Insured Husband’s Death

From(Your Name)(Address)(Date) ToThe Branch Manager,(Insurance Company Name)(Address) Dear Sir, Re: Policy No. ____________ on my husband’s life I am sad to inform you that my husband ____________ (Husband Name) who owned the above-quoted policy on his life, died a fortnight ago in a road accident in ____________ (Place Name). Please send me the necessary papers to be filled in by me in this respect.

I shall be highly obliged if you take steps to pay me the necessary claim as early as possible. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)

Insurance Company reply to wife making claim on deceased husband’s policy

FromThe Manager(Insurance Company Name)(Address)(Date) To(Name)(Address)(Date) Dear Madam, Re: Policy No. ____________ on ____________ (Policy Holder Name) life We are extremely sorry and sad to learn about the shocking death of your husband in a road accident. We can, however, do nothing against God’s will and have to bear the loss patiently. Please accept our condolences in this hour of your bereavement. We have taken into account your claim on the sum of the above- quoted policy and are prepared to pay you the same. You have, however, to fill up certain forms and supply us some documents to enable us to dispose of the claim.

Accordingly we are sending the necessary papers to you. Please read the instructions carefully and fill up the forms in duplicate and return so that we can take the next step in order to lighten the burden on you and your children as soon as possible. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Branch Manager Name)

3. Claim on the death of an insured person

From(Name)(Address)(Date) ToThe Manager(Insurance Company Name)(Address) Dear Sir, Ref: Life Insurance Policy No ____________ on the life of ____________ (Insured Person Name).

My husband ____________ (Name), whose life was insured under the above mentioned policy, breathed his last on the ____________ (Date) He died in a car accident in the city itself. The policy was assigned in my name. I, therefore request you to kindly advise me regarding the formalities which are required under the rules to claim the amount of insurance. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name) 4. Letter to the Insurance Company informing of the Death of the Policy Holder and Requesting to pay the Insured Amount to his Nominee From(Your Name)(Address)(Date) ToThe Branch Manager(Insurance Company)(Address) Ref: Sad demise of my husband ____________ who was the holder of Insurance Policy No. Dear Sir, With extreme regret I have to inform you that my husband ____________ who was the holder of Insurance Policy No.

____________ expired on ____________ (Date).In this connation, I am enclosing the death certificate dated____________ in original, since I, the undersigned, am the nominee of the said Policy, as mentioned therein; I am the legal claimant of the insured amount of the Policy after the death of my husband. To this effect I am sending herewith the certificate dated ____________ issued by the local Councilor, Apart from the above, I am also sending herewith the following documents: (a) Policy No ____________ in original, (b) Receipt issued by you in respect of last premium paid.

I would now request you to take expeditious action in sending cheque for ____________ (Amount) towards the insured amount of the Policy to our Banker for crediting to our Savings Account, under intimation to me. The name and address of our Banker and Savings Account No. are as follows: ____________ (Banker Name) ____________ (Bank Name) Savings Account No____________ Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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