Trust is additionally coupled to variety of expressive
of personal attitudes or feelings outcomes, particularly managerial
commitment and job satisfaction. According to Rich (1997) he assessed that managers
are accountable for various duties that have a major effect on employees’ job
satisfaction, such as performance evaluations, guidance and assistance with job
responsibilities, and training. Using the judgment described in the preceding
section concerning the leader’s character, individuals are more likely to feel
secure and more optimistic about the manager’s decisions when they believe the
leader is truthful. In disparity, having a low level of trust in a leader is
likely to be mentally stressful when the leader has power over vital aspects of
individuals job, and obviously distress is likely to affect individuals
attitudes about the workplace. The suggestion of this idea is that trust in
leadership should be linked with higher levels of job satisfaction,
organizational commitment, and minor intention of quitting. Let say, when
employees or colleagues do not have trust in their leaders, they are more
likely to think about quitting, as they may be concerned about decisions that
the leaders might make (owing to perceptions of lack of integrity, fairness,
honesty, or competence) and not want to put themselves at risk to the leader.Last,
we expect trust to affect two additional variables that are important for
effective leadership: commitment to decisions made by or goals set by the
leader and belief in the accuracy of information provided by the leader.
Because trust involves beliefs about honesty, integrity, and the extent to
which a leader will take advantage of the employee, it is likely to affect the
extent to which individuals are willing to believe the accuracy of information receive
from that individual.1 In addition, believing that a leader is not honest, does
not have integrity, and may take advantage of a follower is likely to make one
unwilling to commit to the goals set by a leader, for fear of putting oneself
at risk.


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