As we know nowadays the world is getting electronic, CIMB Melaka Raya Branch also improved themselves by using CIMB Clicks to solve many problems. With this online banking, customer can easily access their CIMB account and get the account information whenever they need it with only a few minutes and few clicks. They will stay up-to-date on the status of their account which including their current balances, pending items, most recent transactions and etc. Neither one of the people now willing to waste time on going for a queue in the bank for some small matters. For some traveller who travel around frequently can access their account anytime and anywhere instead of calling or email to the bank that waste a lot of time to receive a respond. 

Online banking is often considered safer than traditional banking. For those who are not rely and trust on technology, they do not worry about the security of CIMB Clicks because CIMB has introduced CIMB Clicks Transaction Protection to reduce the risk of fraud through a non-invasive user experience. As a CIMB Clicks user and based on their risk level, the users may be asked for some extra information before completing a transaction. Either through CIMB Clicks or by our Call Centre agents with the purpose of ensuring that they are actually the person who is conducting the transaction. CIMB had provided a more secured internet banking environment to their customers. Other than this, CIMB also introduced the latest technology known as SecureWord and Multi-Factor Authentication to safeguard the users’ internet banking and enjoy CIMB Clicks with total peace of mind.

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Besides, convenience is the major advantage of online banking. Basic banking transactions such as paying bills and transferring funds between accounts can easily be executed at times convenient to consumers. Customers can perform their banking transactions 24 hours-a-day, seven-days a week without leaving home. Banking accounts can be monitored more closely through online banking. If they spot something that they did not perform, they can contract to the bank in order to reserve the charges. This online service is very convenience to their customers.


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