A Good Teacher


Teaching is a dynamic profession which entails many tasks. A good teacher ought to be interactive with his/her students as teaching is far more than just standing in class and giving a series of lectures. This article will attempt to prove that a good teaching is more than just lecturing; it calls for dynamism and interaction with the students.

Argument one

A good teacher ought to be empathic; he/she should bond well with the students. Being empathic creates a platform for growing friendship which will enhance good teaching. Empathy makes the teacher-student relations warm making it possible for students to open up on, for instance, what should be done to improve their performance. Finally, the environment created by being empathic makes it possible for the teacher to pick out off pitch which may be affecting a student.

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Argument Two

A good teacher should be flexible and open to change. Teaching ought to be one of the most dynamic professions as it prepares students for a world which has never been static. By being responsive to forces of globalization as well as technology, a teacher will always remain relevant in the eyes of the students. Students are very responsive to technology and forces of changes and teachers should integrate these changes to their teaching as this will make learning enjoyable to the students (Moore 4).

Argument Three

Presentation skills are very basic for teachers and they cannot teach without them. Teachers should learner to be charismatic as this will help them to have the attention of their students in order to pass a message across. Charismatic teachers will instill confidence in their students and this will make it easier for the students to learn. Charisma will also make it possible for a teacher to be viewed positively by his/her students and might be adopted as a role model.


Empathy, presentation skills, flexibility and open mindedness makes a teacher interactive with students. Interactivity brings students close to teachers creating a platform where teaching can be customized to enhance high performance on both parts. Clearly, teaching is more than just lecturing.

Work Cited

Moore, Alex. The good teacher: dominant discourses in teaching and teacher education. New York: Routledge, 2004. Print.


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