The whole topic of abortion is a very complex issue that has continued to attract a lot of attention in today’s modern society. This can be explained from both perspectives where there are certain people who are opposed to abortion while there are others who are pro-abortion. As a matter of fact, different societies have their own approach to the whole issue of abortion (McMahan 12).

This is because abortion relates to life and that is why different stakeholders have been dragged in this issue. In this case, we are supposed to evaluate and look at abortion critically for long term sustainability in our society. This paper will therefore try to analyze the whole aspect of pro-abortion.

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In this case, there are people who are pro-abortion and they should be understood because they are right in their own making and understanding. As a matter of fact, abortion is prolife in a broad way and people should not demonize others because they are pro-abortion (Singer 32).

Abortion revolves around reproduction and this is a personal issue that should not be interfered with by anybody. We all agree that women have a choice as per to when they should have children and this means that we are supposed to respect this fact. There has been an argument that abortion is the same as murder but this has been done while ignoring other realities that we are supposed to understand.

It can not occur that every time a woman aborts we will always be saying that somebody has been killed. Abortion can help women and teenagers who might find themselves in very complex situations that they had not anticipated.

For instance, it is quite obvious that through abortion, a teenager can continue with her school without necessarily drooping out and this is a fact that we can all agree to (Kearns 45). There are occasions where somebody can have an untimely pregnancy that might end up enslaving her to the man and this can be sorted out through abortion

A foetus is not a baby and there is no reason as per to why we should say that abortion is murder. There are occasions where abortion occurs naturally and it is undeniable that others are induced. Women can not decide to have babies then all over a sudden say that they want to abort.

This is a decision that is made after other aspects have been considered. We should therefore respect such decisions because they are made after various considerations have been made. Abortion saves lives in cases where they are medically supervised (McMahan 73). This means that it is safer than having a baby. In cases where we have a safe abortion, the whole society benefits in a broad way.

Every girl or woman who makes a decision to go for a safe abortion in relation to an undesired pregnancy should be respected for making a bold move that others can not contemplate. We can not say that it is bad to abort a fetus because it is still dependent on the mother and is therefore not a separate entity.

In this case, it can not exist outside the womb and this therefore disputes the argument that life will be lost. Abortion is a personhood issue and we can not say that it revolves around human life (Boonin 31). For instance, in vitro fertilization, eggs that have not been fertilized are thrown away yet nobody says that this is abortion.

Different people have been saying that instead of abortion, we should advocate for adoption but this is not feasible. As a matter of fact, this is a woman’s choice and we can not say that they will be willing to give up their children for adoption. Instead of demonizing abortion, we should advocate for safe medical procedures (Singer 46).

This is because medical abortions do not have any complications that can end up affecting the mothers’ health. As a matter of fact, the mothers’ future ability to have a baby will not be affected in any way.

We live in a very dangerous society where there are many cases of incest and rape. These are occurrences that happen every now and then within our surroundings. In this case, a woman who has undergone such an act will be exposed to a lot of psychological problems if she is forced to keep the pregnancy.

A woman who has been raped did not make the decision to have the pregnancy. Therefore, it will be wise for such a woman to go for a medically safe abortion instead of keeping the baby. This is because the presence of the baby will occasionally remind her of the ordeal that she went through (Kearns 63). Women who find themselves in such situations are always afraid and they can not imagine of taking morning after pills and this complicates the whole issue.

It should be known that abortion can not be used as contraception and that is why there are cases a woman can become pregnant even with proper use of contraceptives. In this case, such women should be allowed to have an abortion because they did not anticipate having a baby in the first place since this is a family matter that needs a lot of planning.

Governments have been stepping up efforts to ensure that women keep their pregnancies but this is infringing on their own rights (Boonin 56). This is a civil right that every woman needs because they are supposed to be free in either keeping or terminating the pregnancy.

This is a reproductive choice that can not be taken away from a human being and therefore women should be allowed to abort at their own pleasure instead of being demonized as murderers.

Instead of opposing abortion, governments should come up with good measures to make it safe. In this case, there is need to increase funding to various medical institutions so that they can be in a position to conduct safe and medically recognized abortions (Singer 87). The main reason as per to why we should be pro-abortion is because of various teenagers who become pregnant at an early age.

Such teenagers do not have the capacity to raise good children and they should therefore be allowed to abort. When they keep a pregnancy, it is quite obvious that they will drop out of school and this is not good as the baby might lack parental care. An under-age pregnancy can occur if the girl did not understand what she was doing.

This is a mistake that should not be used to derail the girls’ education and career opportunity. Prior to an abortion, every woman is exposed to a lot of stress and this means the situation can only be sorted out through a safe abortion (Kearns 83). In this case, there has been no proven evidence that abortion leads to stress. As a matter of fact, women should be allowed to make a choice about abortion because this is a personal decision that can not be infringed upon.

Abortion revolves around a woman’s body and she should therefore be allowed to make her own decision. It is undeniable that we have a lot of unwanted babies and this can be reflected from our overpopulation. In this case, it will be unwise for us to oppose abortion yet people should be allowed to do away with unwanted children.

There are occasion where we have poor families with many children. In this case, any other child will be a big burden and it is good for the woman to abort (McMahan 81). Abortion is not a big deal because we have cases of miscarriages and nobody has ever argued against such. As a matter of fact, abortion is moral in a broad way.

Some people have argued that abortion is very important for gender equality. This is based on the fact that it is a right that can not be denied. In this case, the right to abortion should be included in pregnancy rights for a woman to decide when she wants to terminate the pregnancy.

Women should be respected because they are human beings and we should not see them as a container for the fetus. This means that they should be given all their rights as far as pregnancy is concerned without any dictation (Boonin 74). As a matter of fact, they should be supported in all the decisions that they make instead of being seen as murderers when they decide to abort.

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Abstract: Religions, myths, rituals and theologies are understood by many scholars somehow to possess or transmit essential truths or values that magically transcend their particular setting. In a word, “things religious” are presumed from the outset to be extraordinary, thus requiring special interpretive methods for their study. This essay attempts to reverse this penchant in modern scholarship on religion by presuming instead that those observable activities we name as “religion” are an ordinary component of social formations and, as such, can be sufficiently studied by drawing on the methods commonly used throughout the human sciences. Using “the problem of evil” as a test case, the essay argues that seemingly privileged or unique discourses on evil are but ordinary efforts at establishing cognitive intelligibility and overt political justification.

There is nothing more difficult to convey than reality in all its ordinariness. Flaubert was fond of saying that it takes a lot of hard work to portray mediocrity. Sociologists run into this problem all the time: How can we make the ordinary extraordinary and evoke ordinariness in such a way that people will see just how extraordinary it is? (Bourdieu 1998: 21)
Theology as Ordinary Human Data
When I first read Pierre Bourdieu’s above comment on the surprising effort it takes to represent ordinariness as extraordinary, I was struck by the importance of his seemingly subtle point. It is important for three reasons. First, it takes seriously the insider’s unreflective understanding of their own social worlds after all, the object of study throughout the human sciences is people simply doing what they happen to be doing. Second, Bourdieu helps scholars to focus their attention on the techniques whereby people represent a subset of their behaviors (i.e., what they happen to be doing) as important, meaningful, and worthy of reproduction and transmission (i.e., what they must or ought to be doing). Finally, both of these points reinforce the notion that scholars are not in the business of merely paraphrasing a group’s own articulate or reflective understanding of themselves; instead, we bring our own curiosities, value systems, and sets of anticipations (i.e., theories) to bear on our human data, leaving us responsible for making this or that cultural act significant in a whole new way.

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For scholars concerned with studying those assorted cultural practices easily understood by most everyone in society to be obviously important – I’m talking here about those things we call religion,’ by the way – Bourdieu’s comment has profound implications. If we presume those beliefs, behaviors, and institutions usually classified as religious’ to be nothing more or less than instances of completely ordinary social-formative behavior, then the trick would be to develop an interest in the ways that such routine social acts come to stand out as privileged in the first place. The trick, then, is not simply to reproduce the classification scheme, value system, and hence sociopolitical world, of one’s informants (i.e., the so-called religious people themselves), but to bring a new language to bear, a language capable of redescribing the indigenous accounts of extraordinariness, privilege, and authority as being ordinary rhetorical efforts that make extraordinariness, privilege, and authority possible.

In a word, the trick would be to make participant rhetorics and indigenous self-reflection on religion’ one’s data. I am therefore part of a scholarly tradition that sees theology and its practitioners as nothing more or less than native informants1; they are but one more group whose reports and actions are in need of study and theorization. For instance, I recall that the Protestant process theologian and advocate of liberal religious pluralism, John Cobb, once spoke at a university where I was teaching; I found it rather odd attending his talk for I did not see myself there as Cobb’s colleague or dialogue partner. Rather, I attended the lecture much as an anthropologist might attend a ritual ceremony as a participant-observer gathering descriptive data for later theoretical reworking.

Scholars of religion, such as myself, therefore conceive of and study theologians as elite social practitioners, as generally privileged, influential mythmakers.2 Although not all of the scholars of religion’s data will come from the ranks of theologians (after all, not all of the people and groups we study are involved in the articulate, systematic reflection and rational expression


Abortion? Is it the right or wrong thing to do? In this paper I will try to prove why I believe that it is wrong to have an abortion. Why have an abortion when you can have the baby and put it up for adoption after birth? When you have an abortion, you are committing manslaughter, murder. Some people may not think so, but they are. If the woman does not want to have a baby, then why did she take the risk by having sex? I believe that once you have found out that you are pregnant you should continue the process and see the pregnancy through to birth.

The entire complex issue comes down to one question: Is the fetus a person?(Gilbert,Intro-2). This question is the most important one to ask yourself before deciding whether or not to have an abortion. Some people ask doctors the same question, and their response would be to define life. After a discussion in 1981, the U.S. Senate decided that biological life starts at implantation. Many of the Pro-abortionists, however could not found one expert to prove that life starts at any other time than implantation. They were able to however to show an alternative viewpoint.

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It considers the continuum to run from sperm and egg, to single-cell zygote, to multi-cell blastocyst, to embryo, to fetus, to newborn, etc. This view is attractive because it supports the right of each mother and doctor to individually choose when in the continuum the fetus becomes a person(Gilbert,Med-2).

This view though did not prove the point of when life really starts. When the sperm and egg form together, they make a diploid zygote. The zygote owns the an undetectable genotype, that of a human. Therefore the zygote is biological human life(Gilbert,Med-2). Therefore proving that an abortion is murder, it is manslaughter, because you are taking away the life of another human.

There are also people out there who are pro-choice, or in other words, in between sides. These people see good reasons for having and not having an abortion. They think that having an abortion in order to reduce the number of children in a society, or in a household is good. I do not believe this is true. If you found out that you are pregnant, and you dont want the child, is it all right to think to yourself its all right, Ill just have an abortion, no big deal.? Guess again, it is a big deal whether or not to get rid of another life, just because you do not want to take care of it. Thats why adoption agencies do what they do. They offer babies to homes where they are very much wanted, to adults who will care, and treat the child the way it should be treated.
This is a statement that I truly disagree with. I stick with the legal definition which is that you become a person when you are born alive(Perkley,2). I truly disagree with this statement for a couple of reasons. One being, that at ten weeks pregnant, you can hear a babies heart beat. Secondly, at sixteen weeks, during an ultrasound test, you can see the formation of the baby, including its hands, feet, face and can even find out the sex of the baby if you wish. These events occur during a period that it is legal to have an abortion. Abortion may take place until the 20th week yet at this time a woman may feel the baby move. Something that has a heartbeat, hands,feet, a sex and can move can be killed because it supposedly is not alive. So to say your not human until birth is just plain wrong. Your human from the first day that sperm meets egg.

Those people of religious belief, say that an abortion is immoral, or morally wrong. Well, I believe that these people are right. The reason is, that when you have an abortion, you are taking away one of Gods greatest creations, humans. For those who believe that sex is a sin and pregnancy as Gods punishment for it, are wrong. If God never meant for human life, or reproduction of the species, then he would never have


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