According, into foster care, in contrast Germany if

According, to Evers el al. (2005)
Germany children social services had always been the local responsibilities
constructed agreements of the central which has been explained to the new
lander. Whereas in England children social services have been the matter for
the local government, in England during the 18th century the
neo-liberal approaches of the market in the result of the massive progress in
the private sector distribution, while in England the new process of the
management which was tracked by the neo-liberal modification whilst in Germany
corporations department of social services has been over  the mixed economy of welfare which resulted
the social agreement building rather than market. In England, the private
sector has been the strongest whereas in Germany is has been the weakest.

To quote from Janze, (1999) that
both in England and Germany decrease the children who are at risk and should be
accommodated out of home for instance in a foster care or residential
care.  Referring to Nowacki, (2017) the
figures show that children who live in foster care in Germany are altogether
133.603 placement of those 58690 in residential care, 54429 in foster families.
Comparison to Germany, Department of Education, (2017) figures show that in
England 53420 of children who were in foster placements, the 62% of the
fostered children were placed in residential care and 17% were fostered by
relative, 380 children were place placed with carer adopter. In contrast
Germany, there are 3,880 children who are adopted altogether, 1692 of those
children are adopted by non-relative, 2011 of those by stepparents and 185 who
are adopted by relatives according, to (Nowacki, 2017). Department for Education,
(2017) show that in England the amount of looked after children is increasing
fast over the last few years’ research done on March 2017 showed that 72,670 of
children are being looked after, there are 4,350 of children who are adopted by

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Janze, (1999) show that In
England if a child is abused or at risk of abuse the social workers would
remove the child from the family and put them into foster care, in contrast
Germany if a child is abused or at risk of abuse the social workers put the
child into residential care because its more preferred than foster care. In
Germany under the child and youth services act of 1990 provisions which are
offered for children with problems is socio-education, with that children and
their families law states the differences of out of home placements has been
offered.  On the other hand, in England
the children act of 1989 imposes a responsibility on local authorities to
deliver accommodation and safeguarding for any child whom they are looking
after or who is in the care under the social services.  Janze, (1999) argues that in
England the confidence that foster care is much cheaper than residential care
has led to closing of many residential homes, similarly of costs residential care and foster


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