According loyal to its brand. Thus, building a

According toLaja (2017), a value proposition is an
assertion that intelligibly indicates why customers should purchase products or
services from a company instead of its competitors. In other words, it is a
promise of value of a company to be conveyed to its consumers. One of the value
proposition of Care Your Skin is that they possess an intense of skill and
knowledge in this field for more than 10 years and they also have a good
expertise and understanding regarding their clients’ needs. For instance, they
offer a range of skin care products to their clients who have dry skin, oily
skin, sensitive skin, and eczema skin problems. Besides, Care Your Skin is handcrafted
organic product and it is formulated without the use of chemical. These
products had attained verification from Director of Pharmaceutical Services
(DPS) through National Pharmaceutical control Bereau (NPCB) before they
released to the market.

SWOT Analysis

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One of the strength of Care Your Skin
is that products are purely handmade organic. The products are merely based on
natural ingredients without the use of chemical or harsh ingredients. As such, that
makes Care Your Skin products so unique and high quality. Furthermore, Care
Your Skin is an environmental friendly product as the products are all chemical
free that do not detrimental to the environment no matter in the process of production
or utilize or disposal. These products help to maintain the quality of
environment through minimizing the contamination they could produce. Another
major strength is that they has a group of customers who are loyal to its
brand. Thus, building a good customer loyalty has boost its brand image.



Nevertheless, Care Your
Skin products that made from natural ingredients can be the problems to the
business. Since they use solely natural preservatives, the shelf life of the
products of Care Your Skin may shorter than other similar products and
therefore, the products cannot be stored for prolonged periods. Besides, resources
are limited due to the products are made with organic. Thus, insufficient natural
resources may hard enough for them to meet their customers demand. They also unable
to meet the order from customers, as Care Your Skin is handcrafted product, it
may takes time for them to produce. Another weakness of Care Your Skin is that
they offer a few range of products to their customer since they only sell soap
and lotion. This may reduce buyer’s interest because of limited product




As for opportunities, they
can work on increasing the products selection by introducing new products such
as shampoo and facial cleanser to existing market. More products selection
would enable a consumer to find the things that they want to purchase. Besides,
they can increase the product sales via retailers as this could help to enhance
the presence of Care Your Skin in the markets and bring its product to a vast
consumer. They also can launch more outlets in both local and foreign markets
in order to expand the sales volume. As such, rise in sales volume could
generate more revenue and profit to them. Moreover, they can seek for low cost
supply of resources from various suppliers to produce a high quality with low
price product to their customers. This may increase customers’ purchasing
power. They also can produce the products by using machinery instead of
handmade because using technology can complete the production effectively. In
addition, Lilian and May intend to sell their products online. It is a great
chance for them to widen up their business overseas as online selling can
increase the presence of products and bring in new customers to their business.
Selling products online also enable the regulars from Asian countries to place
their orders easily. Furthermore, they can expand their business by venturing
into cosmetic products like lipsticks and foundation to markets. In this way,
it can bring in new customers like beauty buyers to their business.


One of the major threat
to Care Your Skin is the strong competition within the cosmetic industry as many
companies provide almost similar kind of services and products in the market.
Therefore, strong competitive market may influence the sales of Care Your Skin
as there are innumerable substitute cosmetic and skin care products available
for buyers to select from. For example, Care Your Skin’s customers may switch
to other brands if its competitor provide a better price and quality of
product. Another major threat to Care Your Skin is that it has a limited resource.
Since Care Your Skin is purely organic product that made from ‘all natural’, it
needs more natural ingredient to produce the product and it is better for them
to seek for more suppliers for more resources in order to compete effectively.


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