Any (potential consumers) will know the product so

Any advertisement is aimed at attracting consumers’ attention and making them buy the product. The advertisement under consideration advertises the men’s fragrance Curve. In the first place it is necessary to point out that the visual language of the ad is explicit. The background is black and the major message is revealed in a few words printed in yellow letters. Thus, the black background makes the perfect contrast for the message and the image depicted. Moreover, the black background itself attracts people’s attention. The use of yellow color for the words of the advertisement is also favorable since it harmonizes with the black color and attracts the necessary attention. Remarkably, the major message is printed in different fonts.

The main words which are to attract men’s attention (girls, cars and Bla! Bla! Bla! which stands for “whatever you might dream of”) are printed using the largest font. Thus, the code words (girls, cars) are the objects which attract attention. Interestingly, the name of the fragrance and the motto are printed in italicized words using white color. The name of the product is printed using large font, but it seems transparent just like the scent. The effect of transparence is achieved by the use of white lines and black color fill. Apart from the printed words, there is a central image which also reveals the same message. The major space of the advertisement is occupied by an image of a beautiful sexy girl in a negligee. She touches her flowing hair with her beautiful hand.

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Her mouth is open and her eyes are full of pine for love of men watching at her. It is important to state that the girl is also depicted against a black background, so nothing distracts consumers’ attention from the central image (apart from a message which is a sort of a hint how to get a girl like the one portrayed on the ad). This image is a kind of personification of a man’s dream. Basically, the advertisement shows what men can achieve with the help of the fragrance Curve. There is another important object depicted on the advertisement: the product itself. As many other fragrances its color is yellow.

On the ad the product has the same color as the major message (girls, cars). The image of the product plays quite an important role since it is an explicit message what men should buy. The fragrance is depicted under the image of the gorgeous woman, so when a men sees the fragrance, he recollects the beautiful image. Besides, men (potential consumers) will know the product so they will not confuse it with another fragrance with resembling name.

Interestingly, there is a box with quite specific information depicted near the image of the product. The color fill of the box is white and the letters in the box (and the lines of the box) are black. This box also attracts consumers’ attention. More so, it is a link to the product web site where more pictures of attractive women can be found (according to the inscription). In conclusion, it is possible to state that the advertisement in question reaches its major aim to attract consumers’ attention. The most important messages are revealed in a very explicit way.

Finally, the central image of the beautiful girl makes the advertisement unforgettable for many men who become eager to buy the product.


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