Advertising for this current time which may be

Advertising is one of the ways that
connects enterprises to consumers. Although enterprises have their own brand
image they all have a common goal and that is to employ the right person for
their products or services to make an impact on the consumers. Besides brand
image and spokesperson, another component that can affect the consumers’ opinion
is advertising frequency. In their study on The Effect of Advertisement
Frequency on the Advertisement Attitude-The controlled Effects of Brand Image
and Spokesperson’s Credibility, Chu, Chang (2012) aims to know the effects
of brand image and the credibility of the spokesperson on the consumers’ opinion,
in addition to the effects of advertising frequency.

In today’s modern world, multiple
enterprises compete to be on top consequently the way they advertise their
products or services can have a massive effect on the consumers. The authors
centered their research on three hypotheses – (a) first, brand image positively
influences the effect of advertising (b) second, the spokesperson’s credibility
has a positive influence on consumers’ attitude towards advertising and (c)
third, different advertising
frequency has different effects on consumers’ attitude towards advertising. Moreover,
the researchers concluded.

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Some of the reference materials and
the paper itself seems to be quite outdated for this current time which may be
bad for the whole meaning of the paper.

To gather and examine information,
they used a quantitative research methodology. They modified a 50-minute
popular television show including 6 commercials with their target and
interfering advertisements at a frequency of 1, 2, 4 and 6. Two
survey-questionnaires were used, in the questionnaires were questions about the
brand image, spokesperson’s credibility and attitude to advertising. There were
457 participants who joined in this experiment were second and third years
students who studied in the university of Science and Technology in Taipei. Before
watching the program, the participants were told to answer the questionnaire
about the brand image and spokesperson’s credibility. After watching the program,
they were asked to fill out another questionnaire about their reaction to the

The findings proved the researchers’
three hypotheses. First, 


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