Afghanistan economics

Since the resources of Afghanistan offer great opportunities for the state development and for the enhancement of industry, it is necessary to realize the benefits of the enhancement of mining as well as the probable obstacles. If used efficiently, the local resources can have great impact on Afghanistan industry and economics. Thus, it is of great importance to evaluate all pros and cons of mining in Afghanistan. Anyway, one of the key aspects would be the question of how to draw the additional investments to the state.

According to what World Bank Group claims, the Afghanistan government is currently concerned with the state of agriculture in the country, whereas the mining industry is left unattended at present. Thus, it would be possible to develop this sphere, making it clear that the given enterprise pursues the goal of enriching the land.

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Indeed, the riches which can be found in this land strike everyone’s imagination: as World Bank Group says, even gold ore can be found here. Taking a closer look at the state of affairs in the country, it becomes clear that only with help of additional investments, the country will be able to get out of the poverty pit and start out a journey to prosperity.

As long as the reasons for additional investments from the other countries are found, the Afghanistan problem will be solved. Since “investment projects encompass a broad range of sectors – from agriculture to urban development, rural infrastructure, education and health” (World Bank Group), it is possible to suggest that investments in Afghan will help to resolve certain economical problems and lead the country out of the poverty which it is suffering from at the moment.

Speaking of the resource cost, one can suppose that the value of the minerals obtained will be stunning, since the country is extremely rich in iron ore. It must be also born in mind that Afghanistan is rich in petroleum and gas, which means that the enterprise under discussion is going to be rather profitable. In addition, according to the evidence of the “Gem Hunter”, Afghanistan is welling in precious stones, which can also be a good reason for investment campaign (Bowesox).

However, it must be admitted that to achieve this goal, it will be necessary to conduct effective land acquisition. As Adam Bennett claims, there has been recently a successful attempt in land acquisition to create more effective system of housing (Bennett 43), which allows to suggest that the given enterprise will be crowned with success as well in terms of the land acquisition. However, one must keep in mind that the costs spent on this enterprise are going to be sufficient.

Another problem to tackle will be the mining rights in Afghanistan. Since mining rights in Afghanistan presuppose that the international norms are applied in case of the land acquisition, it can be considered that the legal issues will be tackled easily.

However, one must keep in mind that certain cultural issues, such as the local traditions and the system of belief can hinder the process of mining and create an obstacle on the way to efficient development of the mining industry. It goes without saying that the culture and traditions of the Afghanistan people must be appreciated.

As the organizers of Visiting Arts Cultural Profiles Project (2009) claim, “In 2003, eight heritage sites in the Bamiyan valley were collectively inscribed upon the UNESCO List of World Heritage in Danger as`the ‘Cultural Landscape and Archaeological Remains of the Bamiyan Valley’.”

Therefore, it would be crucial to accept their understanding of what land is and take into account the beliefs connected with the land. For instance, it is a well-known fact that the Afghanistan people have deep love and attachment for their land (Visiting Arts Cultural Profiles Project). This means that some discords may appear as the mining process begins, unless the team explains to the local people that the mining process is designed to draw more investments and make the country prosper.

To solve such problem, it would be a good idea to make people believe that mining is designed for their own benefit and describe the advantages which they will get as the first results appear. However, in case the local dwellers prove rather stubborn, it would be better to choose another place for mining.

Thus, with help of certain diplomacy and the special knowledge of the Afghanistan mining, one will be able to develop the local mining industry and help the country develop economically.

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