To perspective is one of the most challenging

To be a successful leader in business perspective is one of the most challenging tasks especially in the modern dynamic world. To achieve substantial results in the current world given the many challenges that come with leadership must be handled not only strategically but also with much consideration of the prevailing market condition. A strategic leader according to Cannella (2008) is a leader capable of embracing both humanistic and analytic approach in ensuring a successful business enterprise.

The chosen business leader and his attributes

The most successful business entities in the world are normally attributed to good and strategic leadership that embraces different fields of leadership in ensuring that the business achieves its visions and missions (Leavy, 2009). This essay is going to take a closer look at one of the most influential business leaders of our time, Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the one of the founders of Microsoft Corporation which is indisputably one of the most revolutionary software companies in the recent past.

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The successes of the company cannot be questioned, the measure of the company’s success can be vividly answered by one question, how many people use or own a Microsoft product? From Microsoft operating system to Microsoft office software’s among other revolutionary software products that the company has managed to design and offer to the market. Gates contributions of the world of business leadership and strategic positioning coupled with clearly stated and achieved company’s visions and missions cannot be overemphasized. Gates is one of the founders of computer programming and it is through his strategic leadership did the software industry grow to the intensity currently experienced in all the industry sectors in the world. It is through Gates visions and leadership that we currently enjoy the experience of the computing world. His visions in the early days after dropping out of Harvard were not challenged by one of the most dynamic and inventory leader Gates to ever meet in his way, Steve Jobs. The business direction and leadership of Gates landed him in the wrong path of the law. In 1998, Gates had a sequential and contentious court issues that accused him and his company of abuse of monopoly. His achievements despite the court decision afterwards were a great show of what a strategic leadership and strong corporate business effectiveness Gates had almost single handedly build.

It is on the shoulders of Gates that other computer programmers have developed, nobody can question the contributions of Gates to the modernity and technological innovativeness that we are experiencing. Gates visions were enshrined in his strategic and all inclusive leadership styles. Gates knew when to make decision at the right time, this made Microsoft become of the most successful software companies in the world. Despite the challenges by Steve Jobs at the onset of software programming, the brilliance and the innovativeness of Jobs failed to meet the business leadership of Gates.

Gates was all rounded and clearly understood the needs of the market and the best possible ways of meeting the market expectations worldwide. Microsoft Corporation attributes its success to its sound and strategic leadership of Bill Gates. Bill Gates innovativeness and leaderships skills which clearly embraced the skills of a strategic leader and the inventor of market solutions that made him the world richest man is a power base and a learning point to the growing leaders and entrepreneurs of the growing world.


This paper has succinctly but explicitly shown the aspects of good and sound leadership skills that changes the business world. The contributions of Gates to the computing and business leadership world cannot be over-emphasized. It is the outstanding focus of the visions and missions of the company that kept Gates as the richest and the most influential business leader for the last four decades.


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