An obstacle that I have overcame in the past was m

UFOy encounter with a
UFO which happened in January of 1997, during a night when I was out in
the desert. At first I was only able to remember a blazing red object coming
toward me, but not what happened afterwards.
A year after my encounter, I started seeing weird images and having
visions of the future. I saw a scenario of recognition, of civilizations
existing on other planets, of civilizations existing with fantastic technological
achievements, of civilizations existing with tremendous scientific knowledge,
of civilizations existing with people of various natures who have knowledge
of all kinds, medical, artistic, cultural, etc.

Another scenario I saw was of Biological Interference, of cross
breeding with alien races, of giving of embryos or sperm for breeding
experiments, of implantations of sperm or fertile eggs, of taking cells for
examination, experimentation with cloning.

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Another scenario I saw was the Scenario of Induction, of an unseen
secret organization of good will, of inspirational aids to solve problems and
difficulties, of secrets of the past to be found, of monuments of good will
recorded in lost places, of destruction of powerful evils to human/ earth
Also I saw scenarios of Self-Development and Self-awareness, of
offering new personal insights, of strengthening beliefs, of offering new
projects, of support of a person’s intentions/ambitions.

There are many other scenarios and parts that came to me, and those
can each or all merge one into another. In one message, the aliens told me
that the purpose of these images are to rejuvenate the earth, and to aid in the
evolutionary development of man. This event in my life has definitely been
the greatest obstacle that I have ever faced. Except for the time when I
traveled to the center of the earth.



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