An the show was produced on October 21,

Aninspector call is a play written by J.B Priestley in year 1945 however the showwas produced on October 21, 1947. The play takes place in 1912 in high classesof Britain. The action of the play occurs in an English high class family wherethere’s an engagement between MR Birling’s daughter, Sheila and Gerald and thensuddenly an inspector interrupted and report a girl named Eva Smith committed suicidehas a connection with the family after the attitude of MR Birling has changedshown up as selfish. The theme highlights, injustice, guilt, power, socialclass and responsibility. The author portrays the attitude of MR Birlingthrough his behavior to the family, social class and inspector. Theauthor, J.

B Priestley, highlights the attitude of MR Birling through hisdifferent behavior to his family member. When MR Birling had a confidentialconversation between Gerald about getting knighthood and then suddenly Ericinterrupted and came in, the conversation was stopped and shows that MR Birlingdoesn’t trust his own son. When the confidential conversation between Gerald wasgoing on, MR Birling said “There’s a fair chance that I might find my way intothe next Honor List.

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Just a knighthood, of course” shows that he trust Geraldmore than his son Eric. The attitude towards Sheila from MR Birling wascomparing to others, he treats her daughter more like a younger person morethan others as when Sheila had a look at the picture that were produced by theinspector google and then she ran out, MR Birling was questioning inspectorgoogle “Why the devil do you want to upsetting the child like that” through theword child, MR Birling is treating her more like a younger person comparing toothers. Through all the attitudes from MR Birling, he is more towards a girl anddoesn’t trust his son more than Gerald.

  The author, JB Priestley, highlightsthe attitude of MR Birling through his behavior to the social class. When MR Birlingsays “If you don’t come down sharply on some of these people, they’d soon beasking for the earth” shows that he is selfish to the society and doesn’t care otherssituation and only care his own advantages. 


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