Around The Way Love

Around the Way Lover
This is story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down I like to take a minute just sit right there, Ill tell you how I became in love with the girl around the way.

In the summer of 1995, I met this beautiful Mexican girl that just moved on my block. I was only in 5th grade and she was in 6th and 1year older than I was. I met her threw my friends that I played with everyday on my block. When I walked outside one day I saw this unfamiliar girl coloring with my friends on the sidewalk. I asked my best friend Brian who she was and he told me she was the new girl on the block. When Brian and I walked over, to go talk to our friends, I sat down right next to the new girl and asked her what her name was. She said Bianca but In a really shy voice.
Through out the whole summer I talked to her and got to really know her. Then when the school year started I remember always getting home and trying to get all my homework done just so I could go outside and talk with her. Then about 4 months after meeting unfamiliar face, I told my friends, that I liked Bianca and I wanted to go out with her. But all my friend told me was to go and ask her out myself. So about a month later I finally got the guts to ask her while I was walking her home from our friends house. I remember I was so scared while I was asking her and she could tell I was because I was pretty much stuttering while talking to her. Then finally she spoke out saying, are you trying to ask me out? Then I said, yes. She said she doesnt know because her mom doesnt want her to have a boyfriend and she would tell me the next day. Then I went back and told all 5 of our friends that she said she would tell me the next day. The rest of that night we were outside all I could think about is what her answer would be. Then the next day about 12:30p.m. my friend called me up and said that she talked to Bianca and she was going to say no, because I was younger than she was. I told my friend to try and convince her into saying yes because I really liked her and that I would be really hurt if she said no. So later that night when all my friends came outside I went and got Bianca to come outside and she said she couldnt. So I told my friend to get her to come out and she came. When she came outside, she pulled me to the side of my friends house to tell me her answer. The thing that I can remember the most was how fast my heart was beating and how scared I was to hear the word no. Then she said Yes but we couldnt hold hands because her mom would get mad and not let her come out side with all the friends and anymore.
Then we had a somewhat okay relationship until the end of the school year. One night she told me that she wanted to break up with me because she didnt like how everybody made fun of how I was younger than she was. That was the first time I ever got dumped and it hurt so much that I was to embarrassed to talk to all of our friends on the block because I thought they would make fun of me. Then I decided to move away from San Diego and move to Riverside with my father and my step-mom.
After my first few months in Riverside I started meeting new people and mostly new girls that went to my school. I started talking to this girl that I had thought was really pretty. We talked on the phone every day for about two weeks. Then I asked her out a t school and

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