Peer was very interesting to evaluate digital works

Peer assessment is a very effective tool which has positive effects on learning process. The survey implemented by Wong and Ng (2005) reveal new prospective in the use of peer assessment in higher education. The survey was held in a Chinese school. The participants of the survey were 166 boys aged 13-14.

The students had to prepare their Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations on Geography and upload them to a central server of the school. After this the students assessed each other’s works with the help of an assessment list. Apart from this, the students filled in questionnaires concerning the electronic assessment. The survey was held in several stages. In the first place, the students were acquainted with the most effective techniques of searching information using the Internet. Wong and Ng (2005) reported that the students did not have much experience of working on computer. Thus, during the survey the students benefited from peer assessment techniques and improved their computer literacy. The students had two computer literacy lessons.

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Then they were given an assignment: to carry out a research “Unstable Earth” and provide their Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. They had a week to complete the task. The students uploaded their works to the central server, and during the next class they assessed their peers’ works.

They had a list of students’ works and assessed each of them. The assessment proved to be very effective. Wong and Ng (2005) used the questionnaires where students did not only evaluate the process of the electronic assessment, but could leave their commentaries. Thus, some students stated that it was very interesting to evaluate digital works of their peers, and they also stated that they were learning while reviewing other students’ works. Thus, online (or at least computer assessment can be a good alternative to conventional peer assessment techniques.

Reference List

Wong, A. and Ng, H.

(2005). Peer Assessment and Computer Literacy for Junior High School Students in Geography Lessons in Hong Kong. International Journal of Education and Development Using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT), 1(3), 120-134.


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