Automotive Body Repairer

Automotive Body Repairer
Auto body repairers Are highly skilled craftspeople who repair damaged
automobile and truck bodies, restores body metal to the original contours, and replaces
non-repairable body parts.

I chose automotive body repairer for my report because I like to deal with cars and
I enjoy performing hands-on activities. I like the hands-on and mechanical operation of
this career. Automotive body repairer is in the Industrial and Engineering Iowa pathway.
The National Employment and Outlook of this career is currently stable. However
the employment rate is expected to rise with the amount of automobiles that are lighter
weight and that are more easily damaged when in a collision. As the number of motor
vehicles in operation grows with the Nation’s population, the number damaged in
accidents will also increase. Automobile body repairers normally work an eight hour day,
five days a week. They are quite often paid according to the job. In the United States, the
middle 50% of all workers earn between $15,600 and $31,200.
One to two years of postsecondary training is needed. Most of the employers
would rather higher a person who has completed formal training in automotive body
repair. For skill in all areas of body repair, it will usually require three to four years of
on-the-job training. Employers want employees that know how to handle the tools and
that have knowledge of the job. Many automobile repairers learn most of their skills from
on-the-job training. Many different art classes are need to be taken throughout high
school as well as an automotive body repair class during your junior and senior years of
high school. Also, other classes that pertain to the electronics of automobiles, like basic
automotive technology and basic electronics. The changes in the industry have made it
necessary for a person in this occupation to become skilled in the use of fiberglass plastic,
aluminum welding, and other water-based materials.

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In this career, a body worker can do a wide range of things to the body of an
automobile. Automobile body repairers are skilled craft workers who repair vehicle parts
damaged by collision, rust, or other causes. They pull dents and make them smooth again,
they replace parts and panels that cannot be restored back to its original look, and also
smooth out creases and other various rough areas. Also, they do a lot of custom work on
the vehicles. They have the ability to do custom paint jobs and install custom parts. After
they have fixed an area, they will sand that area and paint it the color of the rest of the
body. This career requires climbing, balancing, lifting, walking, and stooping.
They often work with tools such as drills, riveters, hammers, welders, files,
screwdrivers, and sanders. Automotive body repairers must buy their own tools, but their
employers will usually furnish power tools. Many workers have thousands of dollars
invested in tools.
Repairers must be able to determine the appropriate repair methods. This is why
the worker must have a wide range of knowledge of vehicle construction and repair
techniques. The body repairer will usually work alone, with only general directions from
their supervisors. The supervisor is the one that will usually decide what parts need to be
repaired or replaced.
Usually, the auto body repairer will work inside, in a shop. Most shops are well
ventilated, due to the fumes put off. The repairers often work in cramped positions, and
often their work can get stressful. Hazards in a shop include cuts from sharp metal edges,
burns from torches and heated metal, injuries from power tools, and fumes from paint.
I think I would be a good candidate for this job because I like to do hands-on
physical labor. Also, I already have some practice on my shoulders. I know that I enjoy
this occupation, and I think it would be a good career to fulfill.


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