Based donations and philanthropic activities, the hotel manages

Based in America, it is a multinational based in the hospitality industry relating to hotels and lodging facilities. They are grounded on providing the best services in the world through responsible business activities. They take pride in their values, which include putting people first. The hotel always takes care of its clients first, even when it is most difficult to do so. Another value is that they act with integrity. Integrity is an aspect in any business that cannot be overlooked. They boast of the hotel’s reputation when it comes to this. They also serve their world diligently. Through donations and philanthropic activities, the hotel manages to impact lives of those less fortunate in positive ways. In addition to that, they embrace change. As new innovative ways of customer care hit the market each day, the hotel is not reluctant to try them out in order to improve their services. The hotel pursues excellence. This is driven by their passion to provide remarkable services while offering their customers incomparable experiences.

Being chosen as the world’s most ethical company in 2017, it is prudent to understand some of its ethics. The first is that the company always acts with honesty and integrity. It always deals fairly with its customers and its competitors. Secondly, it interacts honestly with the government. This means timely payments required of the company by the government, abiding to employees working conditions and any other laws that govern the field they specialize in. Also, it always protects its own customers and associates. The hotel knows how to treat their clients in proper respectful manners. This aids them in maintaining loyal clients to their hotels. The organization generally promotes the greater good. It always gives back to the community and is very environmentally active in preserving and improving the environment.

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