1 in elementary school. In 1903, Hitlers father

1 September 1939: Adolf Hitler invades an unsuspecting Poland that started one of the most devastating wars in the history of the world. From this attack, Hitler went on to concur other great nations in Eastern Europe. Hitlers reign of terror resulted in the death of millions of Jews living in Eastern Europe and countless lives of American soldiers.11 September 2001: Two planes hit the World Trade Center, a plane hits the Pentagon, and a plane crashes in Pennsylvania. It is immediately thought that terrorism is the cause of these disasters. Later, Osama Bin Laden is named the prime suspect in the first attack on American soil since the Pearl Harbor attack in World War II.

This tragedy resulted in the death of over 5000 American firefighters, businessmen, and other civilians.Though these events in history seem rather different, there are some connections in the main parties involved: Hitler and Bin Laden. These two men are reasonable for a lot of death and devastation in the past 100 years, and they both basically had the same goal: to take over the world. First, to understand why these two men wanted to take over the world, we must first understand their background.Hitler was born in 1889 in Braunau, Austria. Hitlers early child was fairly normal, as he received high marks in elementary school. In 1903, Hitlers father died and Hitler dropped out of high school two years later at the age of 16.

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After his mother drew a widow pension and bought some land, Hitler stayed home and did not work. He dreamed of being an artist. Hitler moved to Vienna in 1907 were he tried to pursue his dream of being an artist.

He wanted to attend the Academy of Fine Arts, but he failed the entrance exam twice. In 1907, Hitlers mother died and he received an inheritance from his mother, an aunt, and he received an orphans pension. He lived ideally in Vienna for the next few years and got interested in politics and admired the effective leadership of the Social Democratic Workers Party of Vienna. He also developed a strong hatred for the Jews and Slavs.

In 1914 Hitler joined the armed forces of the German Army and gradually moved his way up the ranks as World War I progressed.After Germanys defeat, the country was in turmoil. Hitler wanted to bring power back to Germany. He joined the National Socialist German Workers’ Party and it became known as the Nazi party. Through the next years Hitler created the storm troopers, which were his personal army. Though the 1920s Hitler tried to overthrow the German government but he was unsuccessful and was incarcerated. After he was released from jail, Hitler reorganized the Nazi party and by 1933 the Nazis were a major political party. In 1933 Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany and by 1935 started limiting the rights of Jews in the country, and by the late 1930s, Hitler was the dictator of Germany.

Hitler started invading lands and in 1939 he invaded Poland and started World War II. Hitler occupied most of Eastern Europe by 1945, but when he realized that he was losing the war and might have to surrender, Hitler killed himself in April of 1945.Bin Laden was born in 1957 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to a wealthy Saudi family.

He studied civil engineering and management in King Abdul Aziz University in Jidda. In 1979, he left Saudi Arabia to join a militant group to Pakistan who were fighting against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In Pakistan, Bin Laden founded an organization that recruited Muslim fighters from around the world to join the mujahideen. He also brought in construction equipment to aid the guerrillas and fought in several major battles. After the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989, Bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia.

In 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, sparking the Persian Gulf War. Saudi leaders feared that Iraq would next try to take over the oil fields in eastern Saudi Arabia. The United States and a number of other nations sent troops to Saudi Arabia to protect that country and help drive the Iraqis out of Kuwait. The placement of bases and troops


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