?One of the first robots that was ever made was the robot Clepsydra, or water clock,
which was made in 250 B.C. It was created by Ctesibius of Alexandria, A Greek physicist and
inventor. Back to the modern world, the first remote control vehicles were built by Nikola Tesla
in the 1890’s. Tesla is best known as the inventor of AC alectric power, radio (before Marconi),
induction motors and Tesla coils, and other electrical devices. Some of the other early robots
(1940’s-1950’s) were Grey Walters Elsie the Tortoise, and john Hopkins Beast. Shakey
was a small unstable box on wheels that used memory and logical reasoning to solve problems
and navigate in its environment. It was developed by the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in
Palo Alto, California in the 1960s. The General Electric Walking Truck was a large (3000
pounds) four legged robot that could walk up to four miles and hour. The walking truck was the
first legged vehicle with a computer-brain, developed by Ralph Moser at General Electric corp.

in the 1960s. Joe Engleberger started the first robotics company called Unimation, and has
been called the father of robotics.

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Police now need certain types of robots for bomb-disposal and for bringing video cameras
and microphones into dangerous areas, where a human policeman might get hurt or killed. The
military also uses robots for locating and destroying mines on land and in water, entering enemy
bases to gather information, and for spying on enemy troops.
Our robot which we call our Bomb Bo,t is a prototype that can be used for a police
bomb squad to retrieve any suspicious object that may be considered a bomb. Our robot is just a
model of what can turn out to be a very use full and very cost effective tool to any police squad.

The two basic machines that are at work in the robot are the wheel and axil (gears), and
the lever. The wheels are propelled by a simple gear ratio on a rubber band track. That turnes the
worm gear to propel the wheels. Both the right and left wheel each have their own motor.

The robotic arm is a simple lever which is raised and lowered by a series of gears also.

The arm raises the bomb to bring it to safety. The robot is just what the police force needs to
complete its assault against bomb threats and bomb terrorism.


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