It that many deaths can be prevented

It has been proven from a study carried out by journal pediatrics that, in the event mothers’ breastfeed their newborns in the first six months approximately, 900 lives and billions of dollars could be saved. Similarly, it was determined that many deaths can be prevented through breastfeeding. The study evaluated 10 frequent illnesses that occur in children thereby determining their occurrence and expenses incurred in their treatment.

It is noteworthy that babies are less likely to develop obesity and leukemia as the breast milk they consume affects the blood insulin level. Furthermore, antibodies are a constituent of breast milk thus it guards the children against infections. According to Greenberg, the study seems not to have mentioned the fact that breast milk is cheap compared to infant formula. Additionally, these formulas do not contain the essential nutritional and psychological values attached to breast milk. It is evident that mothers should be encouraged to breast feed their newborns, and the best way to achieve this is to ban the promotion of infant formulas in hospitals (Greenberg, 2010). The new government legislation that requires employers to provide nursing facilities for working mothers to breastfeed their children is a good start for this campaign. Similarly, hospitals will be evaluated on the basis of ensuring mothers breastfeed newborns before getting discharged from the facility. Dr.

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Bartick Melissa affirms that the benefits of breast milk are not appreciated. In addition, she refers to breast feeding as a public health matter. It is evident that some mothers either fail to start or quit breastfeeding at an early stage.

As a result, it is essential for mothers to prepare before commencing breastfeeding to avoid stress at work. It is a fact that mothers at pediatrics academy are not encouraged to breastfeed; as they are offered formulas instead. Dr. Bartick insists that hospitals practices should change and in the process embrace the benefits of breast feeding. Furthermore, she affirms that mothers should not be blamed for such failures. It is noteworthy that Batrick’s study is priceless as not every woman can successfully breastfeed. On the other hand, this study depicts that mothers should be encouraged to breast feed their newborns (Greenberg, 2010).


At the start of this year, first lady Michelle Obama started a program called lets move, which was aimed at reducing the occurrence of obesity in children. As a result, a forum was held yesterday to look into ways of employing transportation policies to facilitate the achievement this objective. It is a fact that obese children in the US stand at 32%; hence they are at risk of solemn health complications.

This led to the warning given by Robert wood Johnson foundation childhood obesity team director, Proctor Dwayne. He noted that the current American generation would be the first to live an unhealthy life, as a result pass on before their parents. It is evident that America has begun acknowledging that obesity in children is a nationwide predicament that needs to be addressed.

The department of transport (DOT) in the process has identified that transportation might be the way out of this crisis. Hence, it considers it a public health matter (DOT, 2010). Undersecretary at DOT, Kienitz Roy stated that current transportation policies have contributed so much to the public health tribulations.

As a result, he promised that DOT will find a solution to this crisis with reference to the transportation policies. Most importantly, he confirmed that through their collaboration with different funding agencies they are sustaining projects that encourage more physical activities through transportation. During the forum, Omishakin Adetokunbo from Nashville noted that, in his neighborhood many people opt for foods at the small grocery stores as the large stores are far from their residence.

The foods they opt for are unhealthy when compared to those in large stores. Thus, this whole issue is about solutions to this problem by the Obama administration (DOT, 2010).


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