Bridge At Andau

The Bridge at Andau was written in the mid 1950’s by James A. Michener. This is
a documentary on the account of Hungary’s people and the communist influence
from Russia. Although the people of Hungary lost in their fights with the ADO
and the Russians, they showed us how determination and the will to survive can
overcome even the strongest evil. It is a shame that they didn’t overcome all
int he end. Michener did an excellent job in preserving and recording the
account of the Hungarian people as they were mistreated, abused, and murdered by
the Russians. The torture and abuse that is described is simply unbelievable.

Communism surely is a terrible governmental system. Michener’s extremely graphic
descriptions gave you the ability to create a very vivid picture in your head.

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The terrible things done to torture the people were described down to every last
detail. And the fights with the ADO and the Russian tanks were described so well
that it made you feel like you were there. The book could have been better if it
had been a little less thorough, although all the details did add to some parts,
it did start to get monotonous. If the whole book would have been written as
first person, or actually in the life of one person, and he would have dropped
the documentary stuff, it would have been a lot more interesting and more
readable. To think that humans could treat other humans the way that the ADO and
the Russians did is insane. To make some one stand staring into a bright light
until the pass out and then beating the persons friends as punishment is
inhuman. The routine beatings and torture just for fun is pure evil, the
Russians have shown that this is what Communism stands for and that it is evil.

This book is highly recommended as an eye opening tragedy but it takes a lot of
time to read and understand. It shows how the Hungarian’s will to survive and
their determination overcame the Russians, the ADO, and Communism, even if their
victory didn’t last very long.

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