Brutus vs. Antony

Brutus and Antony both produce different tactics to sway the peoples
opinions about Caesar. Both men present different points about Casaer and his
rule in Rome. Brutus basis for his speech is presenting an explanation of why
he planned and participated in Caesars execution. Antony uses a tactic of
brainwashing by telling the crowd that he is there to bury Casaer not to praise
him. Both men are successful, yet Antony holds the upper hand by speaking after

Brutus opens his speech asking the people believe his honor and respect it.

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He tells the crowd he loved Caesar as much as any of his listeners. His ultimate
explanation, which seems very good is, Not that I loved Caesar less, But that
I loved Rome more. He appeals to the crowd by asking them if they all wish to
be bondmen or noble Romans. He pauses for a response and the people say there
are none that wish to be slaves. Brutus appeals to the peoples lives and how
they wish to live them. He tells the crowd that he helped to kill Caesar for the
people and their well being. He is actually giving a noble speech and it seems
well put together.

Antony opens his speech by saying, I am here to bury Caesar, not to
praise him. He brainwashes the crowd with this line by getting them to think
he does not care about Caesars death. For he is on Brutus side now. The
Basis of his speech is on the Ambition of Casaer. He appeals that he had very
little ambition. He says that Caesar brought home many captives for money and he
asks if this is ambition. He follows this by saying, But Brutus says he was
ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man. He repeats this phrase four times
throughout his speech. This puts emphasis in the peoples belief that Antony
is on Brutus side. Then Antony asks the people if they, all did love him
once, why do they not mourn for him now. Making them question themselves
about their faith. He then tells them his heart is in the coffin with Caesar and
he must pause. This shows the crowd he loves Caesar and truly misses him. When
he returns to speaking he talks of how he should do Caesar and Cassius wrong. He
says he will not because they are honorable men. By repeating this throughout
the speech he puts the impression in the peoples minds that Brutus and Cassius
have brainwashed Antony and maybe they really are not honorable men. Finally he
puts the crowd into the palm of his hand by telling them Caesar has a will for
them that includes money. This is what captures them to Antonys side. The
crowd then wants to find Brutus and his followers and kill them.

Brutus gives the crowd a straightforward explanation, of why they killed
Caesar. He tries to show them that it is in their own interest and they should
be thankful. For they are not slaves. Antony plays of Brutus speech when
Brutus states that Caesar had ambition. He brainwashes the crowd in the end of
his speech by showing sorrow and ultimately pausing because he says his heart is
in the coffin with Caesar. When Antony brings up the part about the will this
gets them were he wants them. Antony plays a role of being innocent. He shows
the crowd he has changed to Brutus side yet he hurts on the inside. Brutus
stuck to being truthful, as Antony played of Brutus speech and used tactics
of brainwashing his listeners. Ultimately it worked, and what a clever idea it

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