Causes it has downside when it comes to


What are the causes of obesity? (TOP

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There are many causes when it comes
down to obesity.  But there are 3 main
specific ones that are currently happening these days.


This happens when a family member
has obesity and it is passed throughout the family for generations. For
example, a father is obese and the mother is not but there is 50% chance that
the child may be obese. This can also happen if the grandparents are obese or
anyone in the family is obese and it runs through genes which can cause the
person in the family to get the disease too. When it comes down to genetics it
can also be related to slow metabolism as in eating high amount of calories but
burning down less calories can also be a huge issue and can cause obesity.


Technology plays important roles in
our daily lives but it has downside when it comes to making a person lazy. For
example, a kid can be addicted to television and videos game and would not move
or exercise and choose to stay in bed watch TV play video games constantly,
that can cause the person to be obese as this person does not move or try to
get into physical activities. Experts are developing technologies daily to make
a person’s life easier which can make us do things easy without moving and that
makes things easier for a person to get obese as they won’t do any physical
activity and stay in one place.

Junk food

Junk food is everywhere as it is
cheap and fast way to eat. But these fast foods are chemically engineered to
make you get addicted to it and it is very unhealthy. For example, a person who
eats fast food everyday cause it is cheap can get him addicted to it easily and
once he gets addicted to it, it can cause a lot of healthy issues such as
obesity. At a fundamental level obesity occurs when people regularly eat more
calories than they burn them (fast food).



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