Chapters an openly sexual predator; completely transforming her

12-14 of this novel presented us with a very important theme in this novel
which is transformation. In this section of the novel, we get to see the transformation
of Lucy into a super-natural creature which was said to only be a myth. “The
wounds on the throat had absolutely disappeared”, is a perfect description that
Lucy has indeed crossed to the realm of the supernatural. The newspaper
clippings about the dangerous “Bloofer Lady” also made it clear that she
transformed into a vampire.

Dracula has
turned this lady that was a perfect model of Victorian society into an openly
sexual predator; completely transforming her from a being that upheld chastity
and purity. When Arthur visited her after death, he stated that “she looked her
best” which is shocking considering she died of an illness which took a toll on
her body. Equally shocking was the forwardness in her demand for sexual
satisfaction: “I am so glad you have come! Kiss me!”. Dracula’s power has
certainly overthrown one of the expected qualities in the Victorian female

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chapters also presented us with the theme of good and evil. Lucy’s body
arguably became a metaphorical battleground between the forces of good and
evil. The force for liberation vs the force of repression of female sexuality
in the Victorian society. Dracula believes that he can access many English men
through her body, so he is in a fight for control over body. While Dracula is
occupied with that, Van Helsing and his crew are pumping her full of brave
men’s blood which they firmly believe is “The best thing on this earth when a
woman is in trouble.”

battles reflect the recognition and acceptance of female sexuality in a
Victorian Society. Victorian society in England held their women to the highest
standard due to their docile nature and the suppression of their sexual desire
regardless of them being married. However, Mina, though being a married woman,
does not seem to be less chaste than Lucy.

Chapter 12

After tasting
Sewards blood through means of licking, Renfield has seemingly found a new love
for the red liquid which suggests why he gave up eating flesh. His love and
desire to consume human life has also found a new host in the form of
vampirism. His purpose at this point in the novel is to serve his master and
replicate his every action.

Arthur had
the unfortunate experience of having multiple deaths hitting him all at once:
his father, Mrs. Westenra, Mr. Hawkins and Lucy all within a few days of each
other. Lucy is mid transformation and as she sleeps she cannot stand the scent
of the garlic placed near her. She asks Arthur for a kiss, but her voice is far
more sexual than her normal voice when she speaks to him. At this point, she is
well on her way to becoming a sex deprived being in Draculas mansion. At the
end of the chapter, she seems aware of what she has transformed into and
proceeds to ask Val Helsing to protect Arthur which ultimately means destroying
all vampires, herself included.


Chapter 13

chapter focuses on Lucy and her newly found sexual nature. Lucy is now a
violator of children whose crimes are comparable if not parallel to the crimes
of a pedophile. She is labeled as the “Bloofer Lady” whose attacks are
established as luring away children with innocent invitations. Like every other
vampire in Draculas mansion, she lusts and preys on the young and helpless. Her
element of seduction is later revealed in chapter 15 when a victim wakes up
asking to go play with the “Bloofer Lady”. This is the reason why children are
willing to go with her when she attempts to lure them in.


Bram Stoker
is also mentioned in this chapter with his continued efforts to establish the
stalwart manhood of his league of heroes. Arthur and Van Helsing confirm that
they are indeed friends, and Arthur even though crushed, is quickly comforted
by the gentleness of Quincey Morris and Dr. Seward.


Chapter 14

important to thing to point out in the novel is how little the conflict is between
the main heroes. They are all linked through virtue, friendship and love. The
group is now on their way to becoming a full team and Jonathan’s journal is now
in the hands of Val Helsing. This arguably marks a major turning point in the
novel. The information found in the journal gave Val Helsing enough data about
what he is up against which will make fighting Dracula easier.

major theme in these chapters is friendship. The friendship between the heroes
of the novel is important when it comes to a task such as fighting Dracula.
There are past instances where the men of this novel pledged their friendship
to each other or to Mina. This unity amongst the men will be a useful asset.

attack on Mina who happens to be Lucy’s best friends is coincidental or
arguably the work of fate/God’s hand, which seems to be another theme touched
on throughout the chapters. Later in the chapter Van Helsing states that Mina
was destined by God for a great purpose and coincidentally Jonathan had a
connection to Lucy which seems unlikely to be pure chance. God seems to play a
major part in this novel as well when Mina wondered aloud if God chose them to
suffer and do his bidding.


At this
point in the novel, Dracula is annoyed because he chose a victim that is
friends with Jonathan who was a victim of Van Helsing. This makes his invasion
of England near impossible. Jonathan is somehow able to escape Draculas mansion
and during this time Val Helsing arrives to the Mansion which is crucial to the
Draculas defeat.

Dr. Seward
reopens his journal which he thinks he had finished which is comparable or
arguably parallel to Lucy’s unfinished death. Van Helsing states that what
should have been the end is now only the beginning.



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