Christopher sexual impression but innocent. He implies the

Marlowe was born in England in 1564 the Elizabethan era. He only lived for 29
years. He went to school and got a scholarship that got him into Corpus Christi
College, graduated in 1587. He earned his art degree in 1584. There was
suspension that he was a spy. After he graduated, he moved to London where he
wrote his first play. He wrote plenty of plays when he was living in London.
There were rumors that he has done a crime. On May 20, 1593, he was arrested.
He did not go to jail but he simply had to report to an officer every day. Ten
days later Ingram Frizer killed him. Conspiracy theories say that Ingram
recruited Christopher as a spy, they go into a fight over a bill and Ingram
stab him. Nobody knows the real reason he died. In 1599 “The Passionate
Shepherd to his love” was published. Christopher was an English poet but
he wrote short stories too. The poem is about a shepherd trying to woo I am
assuming a woman to live with him. He tries to convince her all the things she
can have if she comes with him. He tells her the positive things in his world.
The way Christopher Marlowe makes the shepherd explain his love is innocent.
“I will make the beds of roses and a thousand fragrant posies, a cap of
flowers, and a kirtle Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle.” The word
choices are sweet and romantic. The poem also has a rhyming scheme. Every two
lines in each stanza rhymes. The rhythm sounds like a song.

mood in this poem is dreamlike. The way the shepherd talks to his lover is
chivalrous. In the first stanza, the shepherd invites his lover to come stay
with him. The line “pleasure proves” gives off a sexual impression
but innocent. He implies the countryside will have pleasure for her and him. He
suggests their entertainment would be sitting on rocks by the rivers, feeding
the birds, and making pretty things for her. He also tells her what he can give
her. He states, “A gown made of finest wool Which from our pretty lambs we
pull.” The shepherd goes on and on about all the finest things he can make
for her. In my opinion, that is romance. I say that because it seems the
shepherd does not have much so he can only make her things from nature.

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             The setting of this story is the countryside.
All the natural imagery he describes even sounds romantic from the valleys, to
the birds, and rivers. “By Shallow River to whose falls, melodious birds
sing madrigals.” The season seems to be in summer maybe spring. The
shepherd describes his world so adoringly making it seem like a perfect place
for lovers. Nature is seductive in my opinion. Not only is it seductive but it
is also peaceful. He promises all this beauty to his beloved he talks about
nature to put emphasis on her beauty. Every word said is passionate. He desires
this woman so much that he is willing to give her whatever she wants. In every
stanza, he tells the woman, what they can do or what he can do for her.

             Christopher Marlowe symbolism flowers in the
poem: myrtle, roses, amber, and coral. The flower myrtle is linked love,
affection, and happiness. In the old days, brides used it for bridal garlands. In
Victorian era, Myrtle was associated with duty, affection, discipline, and
home. In the world of superstition, if you dream of the plant it means many
partners and inheritance. Coral symbolizes life energy and known as the garden
of the sea. It can be used as décor. People believed it protected them from
illness if worn as a necklace. The rose has different meaning depending on the
color. White rose means innocence and red rose means desire. It is also
affiliated with a Greek goddess Aphrodite, goddess of love. Amber is also used
in Greek mythology. To them, Amber came from the apples of immortality. Amber
was believed to give protection and give longer life.

poem describes how deep the shepherd desires this woman to come live with him.
This poem is easy to understand because of the word choice. The overall poem is
about love and innocence. I also feel as if the poem is exaggerated. It rather
seems as if the shepherd only wants this woman for just a short period because
he never talks about marrying her. The shepherd says all the romantic
fantasy-like things so the woman can just agree to come with him. He promises
her a life full of pleasures and gifts. The shepherd is not living lavishly as
he makes it seem. Besides that, he makes her appreciate how beautiful nature


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