Columbus / First trip to Moon
Columbus’s first voyage and the first trip to the moon are similar in many ways and they are also
different too. I am going to compare them five different ways. First, by their preparation; second, by their
courage; third, by their service to civilization; fourth, by their equipment; and last, by the public’s opinion.
First, preparation, Columbus got preparaed for his voyage by first asking the King of
Portugal,who refused, then he asked the King and Queen of Spain. King Ferdanand and Queen Isabella of Spain
refused Columbus for the first six years that he kept asking,but once he was ready to give up, they gave in and
gave him the money, supplies, and the ships he needed. He had three ships, the Santa Maria, the largest of the
three, the Pinta, and the Nina. The first trip to the moon needed some preparation, also. They got preparaed by
getting the funds from NASA and taking many years to prepare a space shuttle, and making it suitable to ride.

They had to prepare by testing certain things on the shuttle and training the astronauts.

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Second,courage, Columbus had to have courage if he could sail for thousands of miles. He had
no idea that he was in a different place than he actually thought he was. He also had to have courage to face the
Indians. The astronauts of Apollo 11, who were the first ones to make it to the moon, definitely had to have
courage to go up in space never knowing if something would go wrong and they would never see their family
again. Like Columbus, the astronauts had to travel thousands of miles, and had to have courage to face
whatever was there up on the moon.

Third, service to civilization, Columbus had served the civilization in Spain by bringing back new
things that they had never seen before. He also became a hero to their civilization when he came back . The
astronauts on the first trip to the moon also became heroes to the Americans and they had finally beat Russia in
the space race, which made many Americans happy.

Fourth, equipment, Columbus’s equipment may not have been as high tech as the Apollo 11
mission’s, but he did have some high tech stuff for that time period. He had a compass and had a way of altering
the distance charts. The astronaut’s equipment was a lot more high tech than that of Columbus’s, they had to
have electricity to work many things, which was not around in Columbus’s time. Like Columbus, the astronauts
had to use a compass to show which direction they were going,
Last, public opinion, the public’s opinion of Columbus was that of a hero. They all thought he
was the greatest to sail to another world and bring back many things that they have never seen. Like Columbus ,
the astronauts were heroes also , they recieved medals and became three of the most well known people in

As you can see that even though there is a big year difference in between Columbus’s first voyage
and the first trip to the moon, they are alike in many ways. They both had fundings from higher authorities and
some of their equipment was similar, and they both came out with well known heroes.


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