“Computer I believethat the Masters in Computer science

“Computer Science is the operating system for all innovation” – Steve BallmerIt is vivid that at the turn of the 21 st century we have become more and more dependenton computers. This technology now reaches into every area of our lives and it is easy to predictthat this phenomenon is only going to grow. It is highly likely that in the future there will becomparatively few aspects of our lives that will not be influenced by computer technology thanare now. This very genuine fact motivated me to pursue Masters in Computer science. I believethat the Masters in Computer science will help me in abridging the gap between what I know andwhat I need to possess so as to build my career as Software Application Developer. Also, as ayoung aspirant I have always nourished a dream of starting my own company which is my longterm goal. My original motivation for applying to **** was my interest in programming. I chosethe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as it will provide me a fundamental baseof programming skills and techniques with a wide understanding of the practice and theory ofadvanced computer systems, which can be used across platforms from industry to research.Having done a thorough research after my 12 th grade, I have chosen Electronics andInstrumentation as my major in undergraduate program at SRM University. I was fascinated bythe idea that how this field helps in creating, constructing, measuring and controlling devices andsystems found in manufacturing plants. The curriculum of SRM introduced me to varioussubjects like electronic devices, computers(C and C++), digital systems and design,microprocessors & microcontrollers, control systems etc. During this period, I worked on variousprojects and gained crucial technical knowledge by implementing theory into practice. I alsostrengthened my team skills, communication skills and time management skills through theseprojects.During my study at college, microprocessors and microcontrollers is one of the subjectthat I found very absorbing as it is a combination of hardware and software. The laboratoryexperiments related to the subject made me to think while writing the programs for performingdifferent operations and executing them. This interest further drove me to opt for microcontrollerbased system design as one of the elective in the successive semester where I have learnt aboutcontrollers in depth. As computer itself is an organization of processors and other electroniccomponents, I believe that a base knowledge of processors and controllers is mandatory forpursuing a course like computer science.In my 5 th semester I attended a workshop on ARDUINO conducted by SSN College ofEngineering, where I was exposed to ARDUINO and its applications for the first time. I found itinteresting in how programming can make electronic devices work. Two months later, one fineday I came across a post in Facebook about QUARK- 2015, which is the national level technicalfest of BITS PILANI. Taking this as an opportunity to expand my knowledge on ARDUINO, Iand my friends decided to participate in the fest by enrolling our team in LINE FOLLOWINGBOT competition. All our effort proved to be productive when we finally implemented the Linefollowing bot using AT mega 16 micro-controller with embedded C and were selected for thefinal round. I also presented a paper on “Temperature control of greenhouse using fuzzy logic”during this event.During my third year I enrolled myself in being part of the hands on training conductedbyNATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Bangalore on LABVIEW for four weeks (21 st Feb to 28 thMarch 2015). This was indeed a good experience to gain knowledge on LABVIEW and how itcan be used in practical scenario. As a part of the training we were asked to submit a project atthe end of the course. My team made the accident avoider robot using ultrasonic distance sensorsand NI MYRIO which is an embedded hardware device. This project gave me an experience indesigning a circuit for specific application using LABVIEW.As a part of the curriculum, I underwent a one month (May-June, 2014) In-plant trainingat Bharat heavy electricals limited, Hyderabad which is India’s largest power generationequipment manufacturer. This training helped me in gaining an insight of what happens in amanufacturing plant and how they use the new technology for producing various equipment.Also, in the final year I chose to work on the project ‘Robust Control of Ball & Beam System inReal Time’. This project involved in designing and mathematically arriving at the transferfunction of a robust PID controller.After my four years at SRM, I have decided to work with Infosys Limited which is oneamong the top multinational corporations. Although, I got offer letters from other companies likeTCS, WIPRO and CTS, I have decided to join Infosys as a System Engineer because of its richand rigorous training program that aims at developing the programming skills of each and everyindividual. This was the first time when I was introduced to various programming languages likePython, Object oriented programming, RDBMS, HTML, and Core Java programming ; testing.I have also learnt and worked on the testing tools like Selenium and UFT. The training programat Infosys motivated me in developing interest in programming, which is the primary reasonbehind my decision of pursuing masters in Computer Science.Once the training is completed I was deployed to the production unit where I had to workas Quality Control Analyst for Allstate Corporation which is one of the largest insurancecompany in United States. Since the client uses SAP technology, it was at first challenging to meas I never heard about it before, but I slowly learned it and gained the knowledge which broughtme appraisals from my Manager. Being part of this giant corporation made me to interact withdifferent people and understanding work culture which transformed me as a whole.Through the Master of Science in Computer Science, I wish to gain in-depthunderstanding of Algorithms, Programming and practical applications of software development.This will make me adept with required knowledge for having a good career.Apart from your reputation, as one of the premier institutes in the world, one of the mainreasons I prefer *** is that the program offered by the university aptly fits into my career needs.The research work of *** in the field of ***has been very motivating and intriguing. Socialactivity, plethora of clubs, research labs such as ** etc., was fascinating and provide excellentopportunities to work on exciting and challenging projects funded by national and state researchagencies like the NSF, US Army, Department of Defense and etc. are some of the key featuresthat excite and attract me. Above all, this will give me the opportunity to interact with expertprofessors such as Prof. a, Prof. b and meet people from various countries ; cultures andexchange our learnings. I look forward to the positive response from the admission council.


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