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This paper reports about the survey that was conducted about computer ownership. The survey was conducted with the aid of the research questions which included; what type of computer was owned by the respondent and the brand of the primary computer. The main aim of choosing these topics was to find out the preferences of the people when it comes to computer ownership.

The survey involved responses from 26 various individuals and upon completion of the survey, each individual had responded to the research question. Therefore, the survey was effective since it received 100% responses. The research questions were clear and focused since they had direct forward answers and also they did not present a complex situation for the respondents. However, if the survey was to be carried out again I would include options for the research questions including the major brands only. Also I would increase the number of the respondents in order to get consistent information. Consequently the scope of this survey was inadequate since it had low number of respondents. I would, as well, add some more research questions in order to make the survey comprehensive.

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Some of the questions that I would likely to add include; what is the buying price of your primary computer? Is your computer suitable for the work that you are doing? Etc. Research questions and analysis The first research question was about the type of computer that the respondent owned. This question was carefully worded since each computer has its own type.

This question was effective since it prompted the respondents to choose from the available options that include; desktop, laptop and tablet. It was also worthy to mention that this question was related to the research question since it helped to establish the type of computer that is widely used. Furthermore the question was specific and narrow which made it easier to obtain the responses.

The question was not complex therefore the respondents had an easier time of answering. There was an adequate range of responses since all the types of the computers were included in the survey question. The second question was about the brand of the primary computer. This question was not correctly worded. This is because the respondents were faced with difficulty in answering this question because they might interpret it in various ways. However the question is clearly related to the research questions since it prompted the respondents to establish the brand of their computers.

This research question was also general therefore a divergent of responses was obtained from the survey. As a result of this, there was adequate range of possible responses according to the understanding of the respondents. The first research question prompted the respondents to establish the type of their computer.

When the survey was conducted it was discovered that most people prefer the use of a laptop other than desktop and tablet types of computer. For instance, the survey revealed that 84.6% of the 26 respondents possess the laptop computers which are 22out of 26 people. The rest 4respodents possess the desktop computer which represents 15.4% while there was no respondent possessing tablet computer. These results indicate that most people prefer the laptop computers compared to the desktop and tablet computers. Finally it is revealed that most people do not have the tablet computer.

The second question of the survey forced the respondents to establish the brand of their computers. There were ranges of responses since the people possessed different brands of computers. For instance the survey revealed that many people possess the HP brand of the computer which had 24.0% representing 6 respondents.

The second brand that is possessed by many people includes apple and other brand with each one having 16.0% representing 4 respondents. Sony brand then follows closely with 12.

0% which represents 3respondents. Dell and brands that were built by oneself followed next with each having 8.0% representing 2 respondents. Toshiba and Compaq brands each had 4.0% representing 1 respondent.

Lastly there are brands which are not possessed and included Acer, Alienware, emachine and Gateway.


In conclusion, the survey reveals that most people prefer the laptop computers, and the HP brand. The research questions assisted in the survey result however the research questions were not enough to make a comprehensive survey.


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