Computer systems

2Specification of new Computers by category.3
2.2Sales Support and Accounts5
2.3Sales Manager5
2.4Production Technicians5
2.5Production Manager5
2.6Site Director5
2.7Directors PA5
2.8ICT Engineer5
3Ancillary Equipment9
4Network Requirements10
4.1Server Specification10
4.2Communications Equipment11
5Training Requirements12
6Network Resources Plan12
7Supplier Evaluation and Selection12
7.2Quality components13
7.4After sales service13
1 Introduction.

? This report is to identify the various network components that will be implemented and in which configuration. It will also identify the specification of each computer for each section of the company and what peripherals will be used.

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? The various parts of your organisation that require I.T. support and training are also highlighted in this report.

? It will also focus on which steps should be taken to choose the correct supplier and how the introduction of the new network should be implemented.

2 Specification of new Computers by category.
2.1 Designers
? Intel Xeon processor running at 2GHz
? Intel 860 Chipset with 400MHz system bus
? 1GB dual-channel PC800 ECC Rambus RDRAM memory
I/O Ports
? Two 9-pin serial connectors; 16550-compatible
? 25-pin parallel connector (bi-directional)
? 6-pin mini-DIN keyboard connector
? 6-pin mini-DIN mouse connector
? RJ45 NIC connector
? Four USB-compliant 4-pin connectors (two front and two rear)
I/O Slots
? One 4X AGP Pro110
? 3 32bit 33MHz PCI slots
? 2 64bit 66MHz PCI slots
? 2 IEEE 1394 ports
? 36GB high performance (Ultra160) SCSI (10,000RPM) hard drive
? 16x/8x40x CDRW Drive
Graphics Card
? Professional Graphics Card:
? 3DLabs Wildcat TM II 5110 (128MB SDRAM)
? 21 (19.8 viewable) TFT Ultrascan Monitor
? Integrated Network Interface – 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI with Wakeup on LAN
Input Devices
? Enhanced Performance USB keyboard with 7 programmable hotkeys
? Microsoft 2-button USB Intellimouse (wheelmouse)
Additional Input
? CalComp CADPRO Graphic Tablet
? The specification of this machine has been chosen with high performance in mind. Because of the intensive 3D modelling that the designers would be producing, a fast Processor and specialist Graphics Card were fitted.
? The hard drive used has also been chosen for high capacity and spin speed for fast retrieval of large files.

? A large flat panel monitor was also specified for increased viewing which is essential for this type of work and for space saving.

? When choosing the memory I decided for a 1GB PC800 ECC Rambus RDRAM memory module this leaves two RIMM slots free for later expansion. This type of memory has a high bandwidth and runs at the same speed as the 400MHz system bus.

? The Graphic Tablet was chosen because of the increased interface it achieves with CAD programs.

For details of information sources see Appendix A
2.2 Sales Support and Accounts
2.3 Sales Manager
2.4 Production Technicians
2.5 Production Manager
2.6 Site Director
2.7 Directors PA
2.8 ICT Engineer

Dell OPTIPLEX GX110 Mini Tower
? Intel Pentium III processor with Intel 810E chipset running at 1GHz
? Front side bus: 133MHz
? 256MB 133MHz SDRAM memory
? Enhanced IDE S.M.A.R.T. 20GB ATA 100 5400 RPM hard drive
? 16x/8x/40x CDRW Drive
I/O Ports
? 2 USB ports
? 2 serial ports
? 1 parallel port
? RJ-45 network port
? 2 PS/2 ports (keyboard and mouse)
Graphics Card
? Mainstream Graphics Card:
? Nvidea Geforce 2 MX200 (32MB SDRAM)
? 17 Flat Panel (17.0 viewable) Analog and Digital capable
? 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI with Wakeup on LAN
? This Specification has been chosen for Functionality in everyday use.

? The processor chosen is one that is capable for running everyday applications and achieves a good performance for the price.

? The amount of memory used is more than enough to run multiple applications
? The hard drive is of standard specification and has a good capacity for the price.

? The Graphics card is a powerful card and will easily run any applications used, it has been chosen because it offers good performance for the price.

? The monitor has been chosen for space saving.

For details of information sources see Appendix A
2.9 Salespeople
Dell INSPIRON 4100 Mobile Laptop Computers
? Intel Mobile Pentium III processor-M with Intel SpeedStep technology running at 866MHz
? 133 MHz external BUS frequency
? 256MB 133MHz SDRAM memory
? Upgradeable to 1 GB maximum
I/0 Ports
? 9-pin serial connector
? 25-hole pin parallel connector
? Infrared communications port (IrDA-1.1 compliant)
? Audio jacks
? 15-pin monitor connector
? Docking connector
? 6-pin PS/2-style keyboard, mouse or keypad
? USB (Universal Serial Bus) 4-pin connector
? S-Video for TV out
? 3-pin AC adapter
? Kensington Lock Socket
? RJ11 and RJ45 connector
? 8-cell Intelligent Lithium Ion battery
? 53 W/hr
? AC


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