The a gap between poor people and middle

The number of poor people in this country is huge. Very few people are rich and they are becoming richer day by day. On the other hand, poor people are becoming poorer. This creates a huge imbalance in the economical growth of India which in turn gives rise to corruption and crime in the country In India not only politicians are corrupted but chief officers, judges, bureaucrats and government servants are corrupted.

These people are responsible for the economical imbalance. They are so selfish never to care for a beggar spreading hands in front of them. India is leading the nations of the world on many fronts. There is no dearth of talent and brains in this country and are top leaders not only in firms in India but also in other nations.

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If many big developed nations and prosperous countries then it can be seen that Indians are working at higher ranks and positions playing top roles in their companies. This is all because India is full of talent. However question remains the same. Corruption is beating this country all the way.

India is facing corrupt officers working at different positions. These people are creating a gap between poor people and middle class people. They actually know that this gap can surely fulfill their requirements. Continuous increment in corruption is not a problem but increment the quantity of corrupt people is main problem. If India becomes a corruption free country then for sure there will be no beggars standing on the road. Prices of all kinds of stuff are touching sky these days.

It is a result of corruption. Petrol prices are at their peak point. How middle class people can survive in this phase? Thus, it has become necessary of time to think on this serious issue of corruption.


What is the history behind this corruption? Well, there is no such history behind it.

Even no one knows the name of first corrupt person. But one can surely say that corruption started only after independence. When India was suffering with British rulers ruling it , there was no corruption. There was immense unity amongst the countrymen as people were united for the freedom struggle and independence from British rule. As soon as India became an independent country, corruption also got its way. After independence many political parties began to lead India.

Every party kept one desire to lead India. Then election process started and this became a main reason behind corruption. Many selfish candidates started offering money for getting votes. This can be called as initial phase of corruption.

Then this corruption gradually spread across other fields besides politics. Today, even school teachers are ready to be corrupt. People who have power think that they can do anything without anyone raising alarms for their misdeeds. Even common man prefers staying calm. This silence of people encourages the corrupt and makes them more powerful. Because of this behavior of people, corrupt people began to think that corruption is a legal and anyone can do it. This can be stated as the history behind corruption.

Increment in prices, poor populace, lack of knowledge and improper voting are the root causes behind corruption. Corrupt Politicians are the true face behind all other corrupt areas. These corrupt politicians possess power and they always try to save the corrupt. This is a long and strong chain which is quiet difficult to break. But breaking this chain is important to make India free of corruption.

This corruption is acting as an obstacle in the way of progress. It is quite complicated to research on the corruption history. Many invisible things are involved in it.

But it is possible to take proper actions against corruption at present in order to secure future of next generation. It is necessary to stop corruption at this point.


What is actual definition of corruption? Well, it’s an illegal behaviour on the measurement of an authority or influential party throughout means that are illegal, depraved, or irreconcilable with principled values. This word is so simple to define but too hard to take out from any country. Corruption regularly fallouts from benefaction, plus is connected with subornment. It’s a deceitful action or counterfeit behaviour by those who are in authority, usually connecting bribery. This word is running through all countries in this world. By means of the word corruption everyone can recognize what it is devoid of providing an appropriate meaning.

The sound corruption itself is the explanation of corruption. This is a short meaning. However if we set out to the origin it is called as the “mishandling of faith for personal growth in money related matters”. In wide it can be explained as “the utilization of power prearranged to someone by some other for individual or associations economical increase” is termed as corruption. It might be straight or roundabout growth to anyone through the association or by means of a team benefited by his dishonest and illegal rules. Corrupt people always hide themselves behind the fake face of truth. Most of the time corruption is referred to the management bureaucrat or to the political people linked to the municipal organization and municipal hand over as a full. However the anti corruption acts is also connected to the confidential organization and personal zone.

There are two main types of corruption found everywhere, corruption in private stage and corruption in managerial stage.

Corruption in Politics:

Politics is such a field which never leaves a common person from being corrupted. Every time a person agrees to a political engagement or prevails in a local or state election, he or she has to receive a pledge to sustain the civic faith. No matter which religion he or she belongs to, they are always bind to take an oath. Although this may crash righteous on manuscript, an enforcement of this pledge can bear out difficult. Hardly any political entrant effectively reaches office devoid of building a few pledges all along the way.

Lots of these campaign pledges are undisruptive, like supporting a bill or shouting for more financial support for schools or other sentimental issues. Extra promises, on the other hand, can come nearer to crossing a principled stripe, like appointing relatives or giving government agreements to significant suppliers. This political corruption is not new to this country.

Political corruption has been a truth of time for thousands of years. Approximately all nations’ political legislatures were from the richer group, which unavoidably escorted to a separation among the powerful haves along with the almost ineffective have-nots. The roots of political corruption are strongly built. The sows of political corruption were fixed as soon as the current authority holders and new political selected candidates understood that authority and affluence could be similes. Political corruption frequently starts with preferential treatment towards those with prosperity and power. This should be stopped as soon as possible as India is facing a huge loss in progress because of this political corruption. At this level we can say that political corruption is a rouge of cancer on the truthfulness of a legislative body.

Only some public bureaucrats start their careers with the purpose of fetching corruption, but a little give way to an ominous type of peer force over point. People are requested to select political leader appropriately. Being sited in a place of important political control can be overpowering, and the enticement to twist or smash system for an alleged better stuff is all the time nearby. In this way Indian Politics is full of corruption inside and very soon it will achieve its peak point. It is necessary to stop this increment at appropriate time before it becomes incurable.

Corruption in Bureaucracy:

If you think about the salaries of government servants then you might think that they are earning close to a middle class family in India. But if you look at their homes and properties then you will understand how corrupt they are. This country is facing a huge loss because of corrupted bureaucrats. Every Indian should ask government for honest employees in government offices. It’s true that this is not possible at a glance but it should be asked.

There is a huge amount of corruption inside bureaucracy. System of government is totally disturbed in such a way that it has become incurable at this stage. All bureaucrats are not corrupted but few of them are corrupted in such way that there is no check on the illegal acts. If you go to any government office then you will be asked for bribe at every stage of the process. Unless you provide the demanded money your work will not get fruitful results.

Corruption in Judiciary:

Only political people are not involved in corruption. There are few judges who are arrested in case of corruption scandals.

No one knows how many innocent people are still in jail in more than three thousand cases that may have been charged on the basis of false or bogus proofs against them. There are some judges who take money to free any criminal. They become corrupt by doing this. Many innocent people are still getting arrested for the crime they never committed.

Indian Jurisprudence submitted the dogma of “DHARMA RAKSHITA DHARMA”. It is necessary to read aloud words into the ear of every judge. Not all judges are corrupt but some are misusing their powers and making the judiciary a corrupt legislation. Indian judiciary works on the above mentioned policy which means that “you conserve virtue and virtue will conserve you”.

Corruption in Armed Force:

What respect do you give to those who never think of their life in front of nation? Yes, every Indian carries a huge respect for India’s Army. These soldiers are honoured everywhere in India. But still it feels bad to say that even some people in army are corrupted. One general chief in army is arrested in case of corruption and is accused in case of property purchase. This gives a feeling of shame to the entire Army which gets a bad name because of these few corrupted officers. This recent incident of corruption in army has not changed their respect and honour and army men are still looked upon as the saviours of the country.The right and wrong are still not distinguished and it is difficult to tell who should be actually blamed in this case.

Black Money:

The money which is earned through illegal way is termed as black money.

India is leading all other countries in this race. Huge amount of black money is found in India. This is really a matter to think on. Many political leaders and government servants have their bank accounts in foreign banks. Swiss bank which is situated in Switzerland is a leading bank for preserving black money Switzerland.

According to the report provided by Swiss bank in 2006, it is found that there is total $1,456 billion are available in this bank. The owners of this huge amount are Indians. This black money is used for several purposes like jewellery investment, horse races, share market, multi national companies, air travelling and many more. The list is huge like the talk on corruption.

Anti-Corruption Laws:

There are many anti-corruption laws that are framed but they exist for the name sake and do no serve any purpose as such. In India public servants can be fined for corruption below the Indian Penal Code of 1860 along with the Prevention of Corruption Act1988. This law is quite effective against corruption. There is one more law called as Benami Transactions Act1988 which forbids Benami dealings.

This law avoids all those deals which are illegal or based on illegal documents. Via this law you can charge a fine against those who carry out money transactions without paying taxes. Also one more law which supports anti corruption system is Prevention of Money Laundering Act2002; this act penalizes community servants for money laundering.

There are even more laws created to prevent corruption in this country but still many people are unaware of the process to follow when filing a case of corruption against someone. Therefore it is necessary to educate and create self-awareness among them on these public laws.

Anti-Corruption Movements:

It has become necessity of today’s world to take first step against this corruption. If this foot step is not raised at proper time then this corruption can become an on-going job for those who are corrupted.

There are few public leaders who are fighting against corruption these days. Anna Hazare is one among them. This man has truly devoted his life for the well of nation. He has created his own team which is called as “Team Anna” by the media.

Every Indian is suggested to join this team and support Anna to fight against corruption. If everyone starts voting without any miss then this can be stopped. It is also necessary to choose appropriate candidate while voting. The political leader should possess good knowledge of system.

The elected candidate should be well educated and should be full of manners. Before placing your vote for certain candidate you should always check his or her history. Instead of watching at their wealth you should prefer to watch their certificates proving their education and study levels. This commitment can become a true movement against corruption.

This can lead India to win a battle against other countries. This battle is not about wars but it’s a fight including progress in education system, progress in economical level and progress in living class.


Now from the above paragraphs you might have got an idea about the current state of India. If you wish to see your country at the top rank competing with other countries then you should move one step forward to fight against corruption.

You should have an exact idea about your actions. What you can do to stop corruption? Well, it’s simple. All you need to do is just say no to those who are trying to carry out corruption or who are trying to corrupt you. Receiving illegal money is corruption but providing illegal money is also corruption. You should think on following subjects when contributing towards elimination of corruption: There should be a strict law for corruption and if there is no such law then you should demand for it. You should make use of anticorruption court. Appointment process should be followed to meet ministers and other public servants and they should be forced to provide their past history records. It is not a battle that you alone can fight.

Government has to support this fight against corruption. There should be a strict control on capitalists. Strict laws should be created against industrialists who are responsible for corruption. Controlled democracy idea can help the best.

There should be a control over starting up new political party. Proper procedure should be made and followed for election process. If all these things are taken care of, India can get rid of corruption become a strong nation. India needs honest people to progress and thus only honest citizens can achieve this dream of country.


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