Critical writing of Joker One: A Marine Platoon’s Story of Courage, Leadership, and Brotherhood


Joker One written by Campbell posses a big task in trying to explain it .In any case anyone who tries to analyze this book does so only in what can be referred to as poignant. This is a tale of single Marines constituting of a single platoon tasked with fighting in Iraq. Never the less the Joker One does not really dwell on war (Campbell 4); indeed the author flatters the condition of Human beings with the war in Iraq, more so fixing it in its right place.

The author needed to write his story so that he may not influence the opinions of the critics on the fact that America was courageous enough to invade Iraq thus justifying the invasion. Rather the author did so in order to place the identities to those who labored in saving their nation.

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It does not add much to whether one supports the war or not, however, what is important is the understanding of peoples labor in the Iraqi war. The fighters in the battle had no fear. They fought with the spirit of bravado, determination, courage and outstanding selflessness. If one decides to search keenly, he will realize that the book is such touching and emotional they Campbell put it.


Till now the news reported on Iraqi war remains to be rhetorical. Basing on this book, it can be seen that the nit grits of the entire body have observed the sentiments of the individuals against America in Iraq as being courageous and embracing the aspect of brotherhood in Iraqi (Campbell 15).

However, to date the author expends his sentiments representing the real situation of the war in Iraq. On the other hand, the author does not bring out the aspect of unit to the American friends who when compelled by the choice of either defending their individual mortalities or societies which instead lean on the coalitions raging war against America.

Some of the war troops went back to United States broken, battered as well as beaten psychologically as well as physically. Most of the warriors never made it to America instead succumbed to the injuries sustained in war in wooden coffins beautified by America’s flag. The author has gone ahead to mention the dead by name signifying the leadership of the army.

The leader was such an impeccable one knowing each and every person under him by name. As Campbell puts it, every army man has got ambitions, visions as well as relations to which in spite of the mortalities or injuries has been altered incredibly by the them taking part in the worst type of human interaction (Campbell 20).


At this juncture Campbell takes the readers through fore bench into day to day labor of his war men. The leader should have had it an easy time bringing to light his leadership skills and qualities in Joker One so as to elevate his personal ego. Instead he brings to light the extraordinary unity of those individuals under his control. As opposed to bringing out his accomplishments he lays emphasis on the achievements of his army war and highlights his mistakes during the judgment (Campbell 22).

The author goes ahead supporting the decisions made in haste which he makes under compulsion. What follows this is a whole season of regrets following the decisions made the leader. Indeed the author brings out the whole aspect of leadership, brotherhood and unity more of a tale yet the story is a true representation of the Iraqi war.

The story is notes the need for the second and private lieutenants who are the key players that build up the sharp end of the arrow which is the Americas army in readiness (Campbell 23). The book is portrays an emotional story that outlines the Leaders own journey via the brilliant success including the difficulties which combat leadership.

It does not just bring out the sentiments of an individual but it is important in any given leader alongside all the existing beings to which the platoons were to be transformed to. This is indeed a touching narrative of leadership study. Being a leader the author takes time to explain and elaborate much amid expectation and experience (Campbell 30).

Being a young person in charge he has received training in the hypothesis of war, however, is in need of the skills equal to that that has had experience with wildlife and being an officeholder he is tasked with leading and meeting his marines expectation in spite of the inadequate practical expertise.

This is the key challenges that are faced by most of young office holders. For instance, how does one bring inspiration to officers who have not been commissioned neither have they achieved any award nationwide? How can one bring forty non unified marines to fight harmoniously thus overcoming their joined or summed up counterparts. Campbell has clearly brought out this narrative ousting the leadership.


Following a short stint of being in charge of the troops with the fore front marine headquarters based in Iraqi, the leader was in charge of the first platoon. The acceptance of the few orders stipulated by the troops and was out to find it being in the worst combat dating back to Hue with respect to a certain degree of causality which never existed in the past thirty years (Campbell 35).

The author being an accurate observer highlights to the readers what looked like the least cadre of command during frenetic preparation to war by the troops. The confusion coupled with disappointment realized lasts a short time because the troops receive orders for employment in Iraq.


In conclusion, Joker One with most of the themes of leadership, labor and unity is one of the literatures that should be flipped into keenly by every young office holder who is seeking for a leadership opportunity to manage Marines. Campbell is however not perfect, hence he fails to shine as opposed to unflattering things to himself and those under him.

The author’s honesty gives a true picture of what attracts most of the marines to the realm of complexities and how brotherly love and leadership gives the purity and nobility of rationale to bring the troops back to them (Campbell 105).

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