Introduction of different people within an organization. It


Cultural diversity entails the experiences and characteristics of different people within an organization. It includes the whole spectrum of human beings including ethnicity, race, age, gender, disability, religion and the sexual orientation. Most importantly, the focus of cultural diversity ought to be on individual work style, communication technique, role, level of performance and economic significance.

A Successful Experience with Cultural Diversity

I once occupied a marketer post in a chain store of a renowned international company. The employees were from diverse ethnic groups and different countries. To begin with, I noted that cultural diversity boosted the company’s competitive situation in the market.

Marketers know that goods or services are not universally acceptable; diversification enabled team of marketers to know that different cultures demanded for different taste of the same product or service. Our chain stores were able to establishing the best way of presenting products and services to clients by consulting with the richness of the multi-cultural setting of the teams. Out managers sent each member in favour of their ethnicity as a strategy to enhance proper understand between client and the serving member of staff. A company was culturally diverse and thus rich in cultural knowledge because of engaging people from various countries. The company was thus able to achieve enough chances of enhancing trade. Most international media companies such as CNN, Aljazeera or Reuters have news anchors or reporters from various ethnicities. Everyone goes out to collect news in conformity to the ethnic or cultural background, as a strategy of enhancing the process of collecting information. Our company was able to cater for a wide range of personnel preferably from various countries internationally.

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Cultural diversification meant that the business had ethnically diverse personalities who easily assisted in serving a wide base of clients without much effort, considering the ease for workers to relate with clients. The company offered their clients a diverse representation in the firm with the aim of sharing common grounds between the client and the employee, to meet customers’ needs. In this case, the management had a proactive supervision mechanism that caters for inclusion of multi-cultural diversification at the workplace as a subsequent to strategically planning or the human resources management planning.

A Failure Experience with Cultural Diversity

Contrary, I was also able to witness cases discrimination in the firms due to cultural diversification.

People from different background have personal features, preferences and practices that may hinder this form of development. Lack of proper training, emphasis and practice caused the diversification at the workplace to fail especially between the black and white races. The cultural diversity was therefore a main source of conflicts, group-work failures and falls out. Most of the business operations failed and eventually some chain stores experienced poor economical growth due to what management strategically introduced as a foundation for growth and anticipation for high profits. In this case, the diversity issue was therefore a negative aspect due to lacks proper implementation procedures and cultural differences.


The main aim of diversity is to tap talent and unique qualities along these dimensions. Ethnic diversity in the work force requires that those involved in the system should focus and capitalize on their differences to improve their work. This influence over individual identity and perspective goes beyond legally specified dimensions to offer non-discriminatory opportunities and affirmative statutes within the work setting. The workplace ought to have non-discriminatory programs through the organization culture. This is the key element representing dignity and respect for all to encourage knowledge or experience gain and team work.


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