Crossing Borders: Immigration Issue

The question of immigration is considered to be burning in America for a long period of time. The development demonstrated by Americans in such spheres as economics, politics, science, and business makes the process of immigration more reasonable and constant because many people are eager to try themselves under new conditions with more perspectives available.

America happens to pose as an icon of stability hence realization of certain dreams may be apparent. Having this notion in mind, American immigrants wish to palliate their financial strains and in this case opt to settle down. This raises the question of what may be the real reasons as to why America has the greatest number of immigrants.

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Many famous politicians and businessmen have a number of ideas to support the ideas of immigration to America The book by June Johnson is a powerful source of facts offered by sophisticated people concerning numerous global issues and their close connection to our everyday life as well as their considerable impact.

One of the themes touched upon in this book is the idea of immigration and the conditions under which immigrants have to work and achieve their purposes. The work by Linda Chavez-Thompson It’s Time to End Worker Exploitation represents a perfect picture of what actually happens to immigrants who come to America with a burning desire to work, improve their lives, and help their relatives.

This woman truly believes that the existed exploitation of immigrants in America has a serious impact on the American style of life: standards hurt each member of the society and should be revised and improved so that immigrants may become free to choose and to work.

In fact, the impact of immigrants on the current situation in the United States is huge indeed: the economy has to be stimulated by the increased numbers of immigrants, financial aspects have to be improved in accordance with the demands of people who live in America, and finally, cultural diversity that is caused by constant immigration continues to grow.

Immigration into America has heightened great concern among the local inhabitants’ concern for their financial wellbeing. With the rise in influx of immigrants into America, job loses and other financial risks by the locals have been attributed to social as well as economic displacement by the immigrants.

Financial security has been threatened; rise in unemployment statistics being a major outcome of this immigration. With this rising concern, many Americans have been quoted in disgust protesting against the rise in immigration. In some case, America is defined as a nation of immigration. Nowadays, with the development of economy, immigration issue is becoming to a controversial hot spot among people.

However, with a heavy influx of immigrants, it certainly will affect native citizens’ form finding jobs because the labor supply is increasing while the market demand stays the same. In as much as Americans are justified in protesting over the unnecessary competition for financial stability, it would be vindicating to overlook some of the factors that contribute to this situation.

Immigration in the United States can stimulate the economy by starting up new businesses and attracting investment capital from their home countries. From the economics point of view, more immigrants enter the fixed market; there will have large supply than demand. As a result, the market needs to open up more business to meet the equivalent of the market. “History, economics and common sense dictate that exploitation of workers will continue as long as it makes economic sense for employers to do so” (Chavez-Thompson 218).

It is very important to implement some crucial changes and improve the status supported by the American government in regard to immigrants from different countries. Of course, from one particular perspective, cheap labor can translate into fatter profits. If owners use those profits to expand their businesses, it would boost economic activity.

In some other case, many people prefer to immigrant to other counties on the purpose of investing their capital from their home countries. Many people disprove immigrants because they believe migrants make their job opportunities shrink. However, in this case, rather than occupied the U.S. citizens’ jobs, they provide much more job opportunities to the market.

Illegal immigrants have to spend some money on good and services that are important for living. However, these unexpected outcomes may influence current economic situation and the levels of revenue in particular. American society needs to undergo these changes and promote safety both for themselves and for the immigrants who join their communities.

Much attention is paid to Mexican worker who believe that American can make they dreams come true and provide with a chance to earn for living. Chavez-Thompson underlines the significance of Mexican workers and a number of obstacles these immigrants face: bracero program and other activities which support the idea of undocumented immigrants (Chavez-Thompson 240).

Money earned by these Mexican immigrants help build their economy as statistics obtained from The National Population Council of Mexico states that one out of ten Mexican families depend on the money sent to them from their relatives working in America (remittances) as their main source of income.

In addition, these remittances serve as the third largest source of income to Mexico according to the Migration Policy Institute. It may appear selfish for American citizens to deny such a nation one of its major sources of income.

Unfortunately, the idea of financial and economic problems is not the only one that appears as the result of immigration to the United States. Cultural aspect is also underwent considerable changes and challenges because cultural diversity is a part of the very fabric of society as well as a part of business.

The contribution of immigrants to the cultural diversity is influential indeed because immigrants are not able to forget their roots, traditions, and beliefs and try to implement them to the conditions they have to live in America. Though Chavez-Thompson does not pay a certain attention to this type of diversity and the challenges connected to them, she admits that the process of immigration has an impact on every single worker, and the government has to take care of this issue at least to protect native citizens and workers.

In general, it is wrong to judge American immigrants and subject them to unnecessary blame. It is a kind of human nature to face obstacles and find out the possible solutions. It is an obligatory step for people to survive under current conditions. People have to be regarded as equal on the grounds of humanity hence require equal opportunity regardless of the background.

American immigrants deserve an equal right to employment therefore there should be no need for conflicts over who are the rightful owners of particular jobs. America is “a nation that prides itself on fair treatment” (Chavez-Thompson 246), and it is useless to settle the society for anything less.

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