Digital may allow banks to offer new products


Liberalization and Globalization, the Indian Banking sector is doing their
business in a very slow manner. In 1990, the revolution is came by
privatization, liberalization & globalization in banking sector. In this
era foreign banks & private banks came in existence by issuing licenses
from Reserve Bank of India. By do this Indian banks are faced intense
competition from these banks due to Introduction of Digital/Information
technology in banking sector. Though these changes started with Narasimham
Committee’s (1992) suggestions for computerization, followed by Saraf
Committee’s (1994) recommendations for Electronic Clearing Services (ECS),
Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) and automatic data capture, banks in later
provide services of information technology as mobile banking, internet banking,
automated teller machine (ATM) etc. (Source:

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banking” refers to systems that enable bank customers to access accounts and
general information on bank products and services through a personal computer
(PC) or other intelligent device” (Chakraborty, 2015).

may allow banks to offer new products and services, to expand their markets for
traditional activities and to consolidate their competitive position in
offering available payment services, while ensuring operating costs cut for
banks (BCBS, 1998). Information Technology is refers to storing, processing and
transferring of information with the use of personal computers, telephones,
mobile phones, fax machines etc. Technology has changed the banking process
from traditional banking. It gives extra edged to the banking industry to
enhance customer base as well reach geographical distant and complex markets.
It is a fastest and cheapest way for delivery of banking products and services.

can also get benefits by get instant account statements, transfer funds, fixed
deposits and purchase drafts by just browsing bank’s website through their pc
or mobile app’s. (Dhadwal & Rajinderkapil, 2017). E-banking includes the
systems that enable financial institution customers, individuals or companies
to access their accounts, transact business, or obtain information related to
financial products and services through a public or


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