Does TV increase violence among children and teenagers?

Children between the ages of zero and six year are continuously learning and developing socially and emotionally. For an appropriate development, a child needs love and care from both parents. In the case of families experiencing domestic violence, the social and emotional development of children brought put in such families is affected negatively. Psychological wellness of the child is affected at early age and later in life.

Children are socialized by what they hears, what it sees other people do, the environment around the child the environments and so forth. The child is constantly learning the behaviour that will further be reflected in the teenage.

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When a child is exposed to violence behaviour, he/she is more likely to take them positive and later in life at adolescence or a grown up finds itself violent because of what he saw. Technological improvement has brought different method of information dispensing as well socialization mediums, they are both electronic and print media that a child or teenager has access to.

One of the most notable information dispensers is television sets and radio; the technological devises airs both national and international news , TVs can be used to play visual and audio videos. With the increase in media freedom, the media has brought a number of issues that have influenced on the life of a people, they have sometimes aired programs, and music and news that can reign force the vice of violence in children and teenagers.

The people of the area uphold culture; it is transmitted to new entrants into the society; the culture covers in areas of language used by the people, the way they do thing, religion that they practice, structure, identity, norms, belief and values thy hold. there are some cultures that reinforce violence in their countries, for example among the Muslims, there is holy war culture, in case such information is aired through television, someone who does not understand the underlying principle is likely to think that violence pays.

Children and teenagers are spending more times with television sets than they are spending with other people because of the busy schedule of the people. How someone behaves is influence by the exposure that he has. TVs are offering an exposure that is changing increasing chances of violence among children and teenagers.

Although televisions and the media in general has opened and created a global culture among children and teenagers, the effect that it is having on their character building is sometimes negative. Children and teenagers are opened up to the world, which is a positive move however some of the issues they are getting opened to is having negative impact on their behaviour.

Studies have shown that to a certain extent, the media has contributed to the negative attitude and behaviour seen among communities in today is globalizing world. When media are not controlled, the negative effect is likely to prevail for long period and have a negative effect on societies and the world in general.

This annotated bibliography paper discusses how televisions increases violence among children and teenagers.

Albiniak, Paige. “Violent media, violent kids?” Broadcasting & Cable. 31 Jul. 2000: 14. eLibrary. Web. 10th Apr. 2011.

According to the article when media brings about a certain program that seems to advocate for violence among children, then chances are on the higher side that the children will be violent. When the media bring out a certain movie, that has a violent hero at the end of the day, the growing nature of children and teenagers are easily persuaded in many situations, they would identify themselves with the a violent character. In the efforts of trying to be like the character, they end up being violent themselves such programs include action movies.

Anonymous. “Is exposure to media violence a public-health risk?.” Lancet 9619(2008):1137. eLibrary. Web. 10th Apr. 2011.

In the article, the writer is of the opinion that some programs aired in televisions have a negative effect on the health of human beings, some advocate for war and some even air camera tricks killings, children are much likely to think that is the nature of life and when they practice it they end up hurting others.

The writer condemns video game like Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV, and feels they are likely to impact negatively on children watching them. Movies are made in such a way they have a message they are developing home. Some movies are meant to depict how portraying certain super national heroic aspects will be of benefit.

By Amanda Paulson Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor. “TV violence tough to curb despite FCC’s new plea.” Christian Science Monitor. 30 Apr. 2007: 2. eLibrary. Web. 10th Apr. 2011.

The science monitor is pushing for a media violence act where the kind of movies , and programs that are aired over the media should be vetted and weighed for their effects. Action movies are in most cases developed in a way that the “master” or the “ninja” will outdo the local authorities like the police and can thus go ahead and commit a crime and move unhurt.

There is other that the hero intelligence and wisdom are portrayed when he can forecast the future with a good level of precision. What the movie leaves in the mind of the viewers is that one can easily succeed in life by following unlawful means. The fact that the hero always is successful is planting a seed of deviant behaviour in the population.

Congressional Testimony. STEREOTYPES AND DEGRADING IMAGES:STRAUSS ZELNICK. Federal Document Clearing House, , 25 Sep. 2007. eLibrary. Web. 10th Apr. 2011.

A documentary by Congressional Testimony looks down the effects that the media is bring to the society, they are of the opinion that media is building deviant behaviour among the youth.

A latest series called prison break was portraying an impression that running away from the prison was an easy task and all that was required is an organization among the intimates. Such a movie is in away encouraging crime since the criminal think that even after he has been convicted of a crime, he is smarter than the police are and can always run away from the prison.

This movie advocates for crime. Another movie that has a negative influence is “The predictor” by Arnold swarznegger in these movies the hero does not respect the authority but decides to go ahead and look for a predator. These entire movies are affecting negatively to children and teenagers.

Earles, K A; Alexander, Randell; Johnson, Melba; Liverpool, Joan; McGhee, Melissa. “Media influences on children and adolescents: Violence and sex.” Journal of the National Medical Association 9(2002):797. eLibrary. Web. 10th Apr. 2011.

Media has had an impact on the morality levels in our communities, some programs like music and movies are seen to advocate for sex and violence. The way some songs are shot, they are in most places in posy bars and restaurants. The main character is portrayed to have an access to all the women and can buy beer in a great way.

If this is, the hero that children are going to imitate the resultant society will be a society of immorality; since the achievement is seen as if it is measured by how immoral, one is. The value and salinity of sex is eroded when they show that it can be done anytime anywhere.

Fraracci, Lauren. “Television: Teacher of violence.” Social Studies Review. 01 Apr. 2002: 77. eLibrary. Web. 10th Apr. 2011.

Fraracci observes modern society and how parents have become busy and leaving the role of socialization to the media, the article is of the opinion that currently children are using more time on the television than their mentors and parents. When this happen they are likely to take over the values portrayed over the media, which may reinforces violence and immorality in children and teenager. The writer blames current vice of early sex to media.

Hurst, Marianne D. “Researchers Target Impact of Television Violence.” Education Week. 17 Nov. 2004: 8. eLibrary. 10th Apr. 2011.

The writer take a look on how media and their material has impacted on children; he says that you will hear the children trying to talk like the personalities in these music videos and the movies they see; this shows they have established a certain character in a movie personality they would like to follow. In most case the personality is not right thus misleading a child. Other than the crime part, there is immorality that some of the programs aired. The dancers are portrayed as having a good life despite the fact that they are dancing when almost naked. Their dancing mode is that they encourage immorality in the society. Immorality is the foundation of crime.

Jipguep, Marie-Claude; Sanders-Phillips, Kathy. “The Context of Violence for Children of Color: Violence in the Community and in the Media.” Journal of Negro Education 4(2003):379. eLibrary. Web. 10th Apr. 2011.

The writer connects the violence and heartlessness prevailing among people in communities to have some roots in the medias that children’s are exposed. For example, some movies and music, especially those that are made in Jamaica (Reggae), advocate for the use of drugs.

Some of them are for the opinion that taking bhang is not a crime. If someone, more so a child interprets the message in the wrong way, he can easily get in the vice. Young innocent children after watching the movies have been seen to try smoking something. The songs are also shot in a club setting and the most respected person is the one who can buy beers more to others this enforces a bad behaviour.

Lavers, Daphne. “Media violence: Ugly and getting uglier.” World & I. 01 Mar. 2002: 68. eLibrary. Web. 10th Apr. 2011.

The writer of the article is of the opinion that the influence of media is getting worse and more children are likely to be misguided by the media programs they see. The media has a very strong driving force to the perception and the attitude that the public is going to have.

This is through the movies that they air as well as the news that they put a lot of weight. If the media portrays something as morally good, or gives the impression that by following a certain way one will be successful, then the public is more likely to believe this as the truth. The way that it advocates for the occurrence of crime may be in a direct way or indirect way. It opens a child to the outside environment through the programs.


The writer is of the view that children and teenagers are the most affected by what the media broadcasts, since their mind is fresh and they may lack the needed guidelines from the parents especially in this era that all the parents are working.

They tend to believe the information that is given by the media as the gospel truth. In the streets, you will find the children playing in a wrestling ways. They even call themselves names of wrestling personalities as they play. They tend to do what they were watching and may hurt themselves. If this is not rectified, chances that they will become violent people in future are high.


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