Mission with business objectives of the organization spelt

Mission statement: To be a market leader in bringing customers and buyers into the online e-market place, provide consultancy services targeting the needs of travelling customers, and provide concierge services on an e-commerce platform, provide efficient and cost effective services, increase company productivity, reduce wastes, and provide a platform for quick access to information by the customer. Vision statement: This will be the most and highly known service provider in the United Arab Emirates in the hospitality industry which will endeavor to own the problems faced by customers in this industry while ensuring customer satisfaction and quality service provision while ensuring persistence of service, prosperity of customers, staff productivity, employee satisfaction and community involvement. Goals: To ensure the company will generate sufficient profits to sustain its functionality and provide quality service for its customers. Ensure the company provides service in the hospitality industry that is tailored to meet customer needs while improving on service quality as a continuous process.

To ensure services address customer needs with quality and quality improvements and be a regional and global leader in the hospitality industry. To be successful leader in the fields of interest including Pet-walking, baby sitting, housekeeping, event planning, running errands (pickup/dropoff of laundry, groceries, gifts, shopping), travel arrangements, food delivery, reservations (dinner, hotels, movies, concerts), sourcing buyers and sellers, transportation services, consulting, fast DIY solutions. Value propositions of the company will cause it to gain an upper hand on competitors due to a number of key issues. Among them is the cutting edge content.

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The content incorporated into the website will inspire customers to log into the website for more views. Content will lead customers to discover new and exciting opportunities, service that are provided by the company, specific content tailored to meet customer needs, and products tailored to meet customer needs. This will also be advantaged by the number of service providers and users that will be hosted on the website. Besides that, the company will benefit from the fee that is paid by companies that will be hosted on the website and those that use the site to conduct financial transactions (Hall & Hall, 1990).

This will be in line with business objectives of the organization spelt in the organizational objective: To be the market leader and employer of choice in the hospitality sector; we plan to provide a sustainable, efficient, effective and profitable personal concierge service for the United Arab Emirates and its residents. The website will be designed to reflect unique viewer experience. This experience will span all users be they individual customers, or organizations wanting to be hosted on it. The technology incorporated in the system design will incorporate cutting edge technologies, such as 3D technologies, that will improve and add value to use experiences, provide the texture and color that is lacking in online shopping or market places. Users may personalize the website which will provide such functionalities that will enable interactive experiences.

Specifically, users will experience a textual image dimension where a user typically types textual information describing a product or service and out pops the product image or service benefits as a service cannot be presented in a three dimensions. The site will provide abilities for users to enjoy graphical views of products in three dimensions. Service provision will not be left behind. Service provision will be presented in such a way to reflect customer needs and a closes experience with the system and the customer needs. The site will be customized to user needs and experience. Each system sage will come with enriched experience to afford enriched user and customer experience and satisfaction.

The system will incorporate a technology framework that will enable the systems to respond to likely customer needs and present available options based on customer history and continued usage of the site. In addition to that, a log management systems will be incorporated into the system to ward off could be intruders and security measures will be incorporated to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Security will incorporate an integration of proven security software incorporated into the design of the website. The systems will incorporate such a user interface that will direct a user into its usage. Appropriate principles of human computer interface will be factored into the design of the website. The site will be characterized by graphical representation of ideas, pictures, and unique service provision links. Each object will be represented in a way that when a user clicks on it, all details specific to that product will appear at an instant. Information about objects will be encapsulated in the graphical interface of the object (Keyes, n.

d). The website will build a strong and reliable community of users. These customers will span users, service providers, and product sellers. A host of benefits are bound to be experienced by sponsors of this project, collaborative partners, and the proprietor. Benefits realized on this website will be the driving force to its sustainability and continued existence.

Among the benefits include a large customer base that will be engaged by the e-market place due to the enabling technologies factored in the design and development of the site. These technologies have been discussed elsewhere and their integration will give this site a cost and business advantage over other business rivals. In addition to that, other benefits will include a large market place for a variety of service and products where customers can select products and services beds on their prevalence and prior experience.

This will act as a tool to woo customers back for the services they enjoyed from this site. Services offered on this website will be on a global scale. That means political, economic, and financial environments cannot constrain the provision of services at any point on the globe except on special circumstances. The market place will be home to people from different political and cultural environments. The site will be characterized by unique content that will target different customers and customer needs and product advertising that will target different companies that will be hosted on the site.

That will be in addition to the benefits that will be enjoyed by the proprietor of the website. Brand enhancements will be one of the services that will uniquely characterize the site. Christensen and Donovan (n.d) argue that a number of services should be hosted on such website. These services will span different customer tastes and needs and will be offered interactively. Among te service to be offered will include Pet-walking, baby sitting, housekeeping, event planning, running errands (pickup/drop-off of laundry, groceries, gifts, shopping), travel arrangements, food delivery, reservations (dinner, hotels, movies, concerts), sourcing buyers and sellers, transportation services, consulting, fast DIY solutions, among others.

The objective will be to Our objective is to be the market leader and employer of choice in the hospitality sector; we plan to provide a sustainable, efficient, effective and profitable personal concierge service for the United Arab Emirates and its residents. Organizational philosophy will demand that customers be able to track their product movements, service provisions and destination service provision points, online and offline price comparisons, and real time customer interactions. The website will be characterized by interactive browsing capabilities, priced user experience targeted at user loyalty, and security measures that may demand authentication and system authorizations to system resources access. The business model will be characterized by a website that shall provide e-commerce services and act as a platform upon which e-business transactions will be conducted. It will provide business-to-business services, business-to customer services, and customer-to-business services. It will act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, between the service provider and the consumer of the service.

In essence, the business model will be based on computing technologies and will act as a platform, through which products and services will be delivered to the target customer and target market, provide secure and flexible payment methods through the internet (Turban & King, 2002). The website will be modeled to ease work and information flow to and from the target customer and service or product provider. In addition to that, based on the internet technologies it will focus on collaborative working by facilitating collaboration with different organizations with the perspective of intra and inter-organizational working. Some aspects of the business model may include pure and partial elements. Therefore, the business model may incorporate aspects of brick and motor but will be digital to a large extent. Typically, the business model framework will be defined by people, the legal environment or public policy.

Public or legal policies may be defined by the privacy, confidentiality, and the security features incorporated into the design of the website. In addition to that, the system will be characterized by e-tailing product and services sales. Customers will be charged on services and products accessed through the website and on demand services like product delivery will be made after arrangements have been made with the necessary teams involved in the process. The business model will be characterized by other process architecture components. These will include a transaction model, which will be a tool for generating income based on the value of transactions carried out on the site, the service offered, and the volume of products delivered.

An advertising support model will also be incorporated into the design to generate revenue by charging hosting fee on companies that use the website for advertising proposes. That will drastically reduce charges for hosting the website by shifting the cost to companies which use the website as a platform for conducting their adverts. The architecture will further incorporate a sponsorship model where companies interested in offering sponsorship services for non financial reasons for additional income.

The model will further be characterized by marketing models that may span direct marketing, click and motor e-tailers, and pure play e-tailers. To ensure a successful business based on the e-commerce platform, the organization will be characterized by offering high quality products coupled with a pricing mechanism that shall place the organization a competitive edge with rival companies or business organizations. Therefore, the business model will be designed to gain as strong brand recognition by the customer and in the market place, provide a guarantee on products and services to customers to gain customer confidence, ensure timely response to customer concerns and queries, and incorporate an online chart to help address customer related issues and problems. Most of these products will be in digital form and the physical product will, be accessed upon completion of a payment plan initiated between the consumer and the product or service provider (Harris, & Moran, 1987). Other features incorporated in this site will include excellent navigational features and prompt webpage loading capabilities.

In addition to that, the site will provide desired information and other directions to assist the customer in searching for a product with a lot of ease. Besides that, the design will incorporate other useful site navigation capabilities and content. All products and service offered on this site will be sufficiently detailed to afford easy decision making by the customer and other users of the site. Purchasing of products and payment of services will be based on an integration of the architecture already discussed above, namely, business-to-business, business-to-customer, and customer-to-business models. This approach will provide a competitive edge to the organization due to its flexibility and focus on both the needs of the customer and business organization. One of the elements that make a successful business is listening to customer feedback.

To effectively capture customer feedback, the business plan incorporates customer feedback on every product and service line. Thus the site will act as a platform for generating customer feedback. The e-commerce platform also referred to as the e-business platform will be developed on a budgetary allocation detailed hereafter. E-commerce and e-business model will be used to sustain a brand image that dynamically targets changing customer behavior and the business environment. The projected image will reflect a fresh and resourceful environment for the customer. This model will incorporate elements to enable business acquisitions in the future. Business acquisition will be investigated to enable the management to make appropriate decisions that target organizational efficiency and a strong brand image. This business acquisition element will be achieved by getting expertise support and consultations from accountants well skilled on accounting matters, the attorney who is well versed with legal matters, bankers who are well versed on financial transactions matters, and broker who play an important role in brokerage activities.

The following information will be vital in decision making. That will include verification revenues and a record of sellers, current and subsequent financial statements, records detailing cash deposits, financial statements that compare the financial positions and health of similar business organizations. A valuation analysis will be based on appraisal techniques, methods of purchasing products and providing services to the customer, stocks and asset valuations, interview with coercing service providers, and status of the service providers and product sellers. In addition to that, the status quality improvement strategies, litigations, status payables, tax, and motivational approaches targeting sellers and service providers. The target market will include Pet-walking, baby sitting, housekeeping, event planning, running errands (pickup/dropoff of laundry, groceries, gifts, shopping), travel arrangements, food delivery, reservations (dinner, hotels, movies, concerts), sourcing buyers and sellers, transportation services, consulting, fast DIY solutions, and the like. These will include persons who have an interest in services provided at concierge’s levels. These customers may be characterized by lack of time commitment for other activities that place demands on an individual as being basic to smooth running of the normal life, life, persons who may find the internet as a source for personal entertainment, persons who identify with transportation services, and a host of other customers as explained above. In addition to that, the website will span people of different income levels and classes in the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to that, the hospitality industry is not well developed in the United Arab Emirates. The site will take advantage of that opportunity to curve a wide swath of the share of the market to reap early benefits before it starts experiencing rivalry from other interested firms. That will lead the company to achieve its business objective of targeting to be the market leader and employer of choice in the hospitality sector; we plan to provide a sustainable, efficient, effective and profitable personal concierge service for the United Arab Emirates and its residents.

While all these benefits and capabilities will be realized through the new website, it’s worth noting that new market trends are bound to manipulate the benefits and functionality of the system. This is site will be characterized by successful online hospitality industry business operations. These business operations will be offered online. The hospitality industry business success will also be characterized by incorporating of new technologies in the process of service provision through different operations methods. It will integrate a new advertising model based on performance improvements and systems capabilities and functionalities. The business model will integrate various service provision content s that covers demographics and psychographics.

Graphics are an excellent tool for communicating information to a target audience. This strategy achieves a great deal of business success. competitor information will also be factored in the process to identify who they are, how they offer their services, where they are located in the United Arab Emirates, how they could react to the new look company that endeavors to enter the hospitality industry through the internet, the length of time they have been in the hospitality industry, and their operating capital and market share. Besides that, the organization will perform a market analysis to determine potential returns likely to be earned from this investment. Projections based on a market analysis indicate potential return that will sustain the profitability and operations of the company. Companies survive on profits generated from their business ventures.

Each of the items mentioned in the objectives of the company and other not mentioned are likely to cause positive impact on the revenue of the company. Prewalking is a need that is identifiably in demand and it has been realized through a market research that potential customers are quieted over the issue because they lack a service provider in that field. Once a service provider in the hospitality industry is identified and brings the services near to the customers, there is the possibility of arousing need and inevitable demand for the services. On the other hand, baby sitting is a service that is in demand due to the ever challenging issues related to the demands placed on people for more and more time. other issues such as event planning, running errands are avenues of thought that play role in creating a bigger market share and demand for these services. No doubt, the company will see an upsurge of activities on the website.

Marketing of the service offered on this website will be achieved through enabling technologies and will be strategically achieved through a number of mechanisms. While internet marketing in the e-market will form the fundamental backbone in advertising its services, yet grass root marketing will also pour in a host of benefits. This will be achieved by targeting online chat groups with the possibility of bringing in a large number of web users. These chart groups can enhance customer access and link the company to other sites, who may eventually log in to the hospitality website (Harris & Moran, 1987). Establishing links with other online companies that have similar content and offer similar or related services is another strategic tool that will be used in the marketing domain. This will be achieved by approaching similar companies with similar contents to offer to heighten the possibility of more users accessing the sigh and requesting fro services from the parent hospitality company. Operations of the company will span issues highlighted in the mission statement and identified in the objectives of the company. These will be achieved through a number of techniques and tools.

Among the salient features of conducting hospitality management tasks is conducting data mining. Data mining is a currently available tool that is technology driven. Among the elements to be data mined to enable the hospitality industry move to greater heights include profiles based on hospitality service providers, among other elements. Among these elements include invariants such as hotel information that spans hotel size and number of rooms available, room prices and types of meals.

This is very important in the hospitality industry as it enables service providers to book their customers at hotels of their choices to enable them cost effective service when they travel from other regions to the destination region for the services to be offered. Operations will also be executed through various methods. In addition to that, any business organization has a management hierarchy through which business functions can be coordinated. Each managerial position comes with relevant roles and responsibilities. In addition to that, these organizations are partitioned into departments that have definite reporting relationships. The requisite staff will ensure orders and requests are attended to while customer concerns are addressed in real time. Addressing customer needs and continuously evaluating an organization against established operational standards is a key component to successful business organizations. These operations will also be characterized by competitive advantage.

The flexibility and speed, with which the market can be accessed, enabling technologies, the e-business infrastructure, total quality management in service provision, enabling technologies are some of the competing elements incorporated in the design. The website will be characteristically savvy, and the hospitality service providers will be a critical component in seeing the company roll to success. In addition to that, there will be a strong team relationship that will create a culture of good relationship with the company and the customer. Good relationship fosters oneness of purpose and motivates both staff and the customer to own a business organization. These two are essential components for the success of a company. The relationship will be cultures into all the hierarchies of management to ensure best benefits are reaped in this industry. In addition to that, the service provider will benefit from early mover advantage.

Based on a survey of business organizations that have endeavored to enter into the hospitality industry, it is clear that the early move advantage will be enjoyed by this company as the field is still uncluttered by competitors or service providers in the same industry. The company will experience positive and exponential growth based on the technology adopted and integrated into the business. Newer software products come with various advantages spanning user interaction experience among other benefits. Therefore operations will depend on the target audience, an issue already discussed elsewhere and spelt in the mission statement and objectives of the company, target products which have also been highlighted elsewhere, company values and culture, growth projections, technology platform and balanced goals. The company’s financial statements will be evaluated on a period not exceeding six months, company executives will convene and evaluate the cost incurred in the investment infrastructure, projected revenue returns, projected costs, and profits generated in that span of time.

That will enable the company to audit its financial health and evaluate it’s the impact of its marketing strategies, both in the long terms and in the short term. In addition to that, accounting software will be integrated into the system and the accrual method will be used in evaluating the financial position of the organization. This method is largely accepted as being compatible with different software technologies and is cross platform.

In addition to that, widget accounts will play a critical role in the accounting section of the company. Tax issues will be appropriately addressed with the relevant authorities and legal requirements on taxation will be stringently adhered to. Besides, bank reconciliations will be conducted on a monthly basis to ensure figures tally and detect any discrepancies with the accounts. On the other hand, a balance sheet will be served on request and will be made available on a quarterly basis. In addition to that, a projected income statement will be served upon request that covers the first six months of the business. The company will employ well experienced accountants particularly the ones that have had experience in the hospitality industry. This could ensure the business organization’s income is not diverted or fraudulently siphoned through dishonest means.

To ensure that is done, an inventory policy will be incorporated in the running of this organization to ensure service delivery and payments are made to designate authorities. Project financing will be partly from a project sponsored and the proprietor of the new organization, and other stakeholders that are interested in the project. The company is a legal entity that shall be dully registered following the legal requirements of the United Arab Emirates regulatory provisions. The legal document will include details of collaborations and organizations structure based on various concepts.

These concepts include limited partnerships, limited liability partnership incorporated in the business structure of the company (Christensen & Donovan, n.d). The business organization’s exit strategy will include recouping of invested capital from generated profits from the hospitality services offered on the website.

If earned revenue profits exceed projected profits, then ownership will be negotiated on a value that will be agreed upon by stakeholders.


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