Effective Tools

Effective listening is achieved when a listener understands and interprets information presented. There are many tools used to facilitate effective listening such as open mindedness and empathy. Effective meetings also have tools that facilitate its progression (Nadig, 2008). It is imperative to acknowledge that good project reports, effective listening and effective meeting play major roles in the planning process thus yielding returns.

Effective listening tools

The process of keeping an open mind during a conversation is an important listening tool. It not only prevents unnecessary interruptions but also gives the speaker a chance to comprehensively air his view. Maintaining an open mind entails calmness till the speaker winds up (Nadig, 2008).

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In addition, an individual should never deduce concepts in the speaker’s mind until he/she finishes speaking. Given that in planning all views must be considered before coming up with the best approaches, keeping an open mind will give the speaker a chance to satisfactory air his view (Nadig, 2008). This minimizes misinterpretation that could have otherwise occurred. It is notable that setbacks arise when time is wasted listening to views which may not be sensible in the beginning.

Another tool is asking for explanation in the event of failure to understand. This is by either requesting the speaker to explain in different words or guessing what he/she is talking about. This minimizes misinterpretations of good ideas by getting the facts presented by the speaker. In addition, the facts will be considered when planning since the best idea is selected based on such facts.

Effective meeting tools

In order for a meeting, to be effective there must be well crafted agendas for discussion (Billikoph, 2006). This limits the likelihood of the meeting failing to achieve its objective by deviating from the agenda. In addition, it minimizes time wastage by arguing on subjects that are not related to the agenda; by crafting agendas to be discussed, issues affecting planning will be effectively discussed leading to the development of remarkable plans.

It is important to examine the meeting especially in terms of effectiveness. In engaging such strategies, areas of weakness will be pointed out and addressed. This is to improve the effectiveness of the meeting (Mind tools, 2010). The areas of weakness can also act as the basis of planning future meetings with the aim of attaining effectiveness. In addition, agendas related to planning will lead to improvements in discussions.

Tools for an effective project report

In order for a project report, to be effective, communication must be apt. This will ensure delivery of information as par current project progress. In the event, that personnel communicated appropriately when discussing the project then the objectives will be attained (Baker, 2009). Poor planning may be as a result of ineffective communication as far as project report is concerned.

Some projects are divided in different sections with different teams or individuals working on them. It is important to recognize each entity participating in the project during reporting. Any difficulties encountered as a result of individual or group underperformance should be included in the report.

This will assist in mitigating the challenges faced by the project with an intention on improving its performance. In conclusion, it is imperative adopt appropriate listening and meeting skills for the realization of the planning process; furthermore, good project reports also determine the quality of the plan since it will be based on facts.


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