ESPN Sports Media

ESPN is the name of a United States media service that engages in covering sports news. ESPN online is one of the largest and most visited websites in the United States, and is headed by George Bodenheimer as the current president. The ESPN Sports became dedicated to sports in the late 70s. The ESPN sports online edition incorporates several sports activities which include rugby, football, athletics, cycling, basketball, motorGP, baseball, boxing and tennis, among many others which include college bowl games.

The online website covers popular sports which steal the interests of a large population in the United States and the global arena. It is worth noting that ESPN online has contributed a lot in popularizing sporting events and making people participate directly in various sports activities. As a result the number of people signing up to healthy sports is increasing both locally and nationally.

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The ESPN started operating in 1979 with the program called SportsCenter. This program, hosted by Lee Leonard and George Grande, covered sports like women’s tennis and later on aired a wider variety of sports both within and outside the United States. It was among the earliest cable based broadcast of the NBA. ESPN aired its first ESPN Sports Update in 1985.

This news was composed of news briefs about scores and was later known as 28/58. The 28/58 name was coined because the news was aired at 28 and 58 minutes past the hour, when SportsCenter was not airing any news. In 1990, ESPN launched its international edition because there was a growing market of satellites in Asia. This was later followed by the first daily study of sports activities in the United States, in 1996, and was created by Dr. Richard Luker.

There are plenty of differences between ESPN Sports, online edition and other sources covering the same topic of sports. The other sources which also use online, print, audio and audiovisual formats in presenting sports news have quite some disadvantages. Most of the services provide by the television and radio is also provided by the online version of ESPN Sports.

The major advantage of ESPN online version is that due to the increase in technology, information can be obtained on the internet in phones anywhere as one would wish. Internet also offers the direct response services such that one can respond directly and promptly to any information as it comes.

The ESPN online sports news has continued to prioritize sports in a way that imparts positively in the area of development of diverse sports, resulting in growth of sporting culture. In various sports such as soccer and rugby, fixtures are made available in time and the proceedings of all matches updated promptly. If one has internet on their pc or phone, they can follow a match between the Cowboy’s and the Vikings pretty easily and post their own comments.

The ESPN Sports news has been involved in the growth of sports both locally and worldwide. Its continued coverage of sports events has acted like an advertisement hence making people get more and more interested with sports. As a result the culture of sports has continued to develop in almost all aspects. More people are getting involved in sports because of how it has received coverage.

ESPN has had a major impact on the perspective of sports as a social activity that brings people together to share in their diverse cultures. The media organization has been able to fund college sports and also enhanced the involvement of women in sporting (Martzke & Cherner 40).

Its rights fees have aided in funding the college sports programs. Many young people including women have benefited a lot because these funds have enabled them to participate actively in healthy sporting activities. Major conferences have also experienced growth with exposure in football and basketball in Ohio attributed to ESPN.

Most of the impacts of the ESPN Sports on the society relates with its swift responsive way in updating information. Analytically speaking, the Ohio people and the entire world can follow up a match easily on the internet. This is because the internet is found even in the most remote places of the world.

Through the ESPN Online sports news, the community has been able to follow specific sports proceedings, thereby making it easier to understand the cultural and social impacts of sports in the society. Thus a person from Ohio can follow up and get updates of the performance of their favorite team.

Updates of the standings in a league or a set of international matches have also been quite crucial in terms of information about the sports in question. Fans can easily know how their teams are fairing on. They can also comment on particular matches and give their views on how those matches were conducted by the referees and officials.

This imparts to the societal welfare since the sharing of information brings the whole community together and encourages the sharing of views (In Profile Daily 2). Sharing of information also enhances tolerance of culture amongst individuals (Hartmann 16).

Some of the specific examples are involved with international community and cultural exchanges especially in the world of soccer. A good example is the NBA matches which bring people of several backgrounds together. Also, many young people all over the world end up admiring the performance of most players. Thus, most of the young men get involved in thorough practice so that they may be selected for a chance to play in those teams should the opportunity arise.

This has enhanced the growth of diverse sports in the community. As a result young people are getting more and more involved in sports which enhance fitness, learning of new skills together with other benefits (Stewart 4). It should be noted that sports have also contribute a lot in making and sustaining friendship.

I use the ESPN mainly to get my sports updates. ESPN online sports news has helped me get a lot of information about sports such as baseball and also to get much information concerning the players. This helps in creating a kind of relationship between the particular player and me.

I use ESPN to check for the standings in soccer matches such as college soccer, NBA, world cup, Euro cup and also the rugby matches such as the sevens aside international matches. I have also gained a lot of knowledge on how motorGP has been operating. ESPN is trustworthy because of its network in the United States. It is one of the largest media organizations in the United States. One can always get the advantage of ESPN online sports by crosschecking the details with those of other independent newsrooms.

One can always detect that the professionalism involved in the detailed presentation of these news is always of high level. Thus, the criteria which I use to gauge honesty of the news is by crosschecking with other news rooms and critically examining how local news are presented both locally and to the international community.

The kind of order in the detailed news presentation is pretty amazing. News is covered with extreme care in terms of accuracy and honesty. These are the main reasons as to why I prefer ESPN Online sports to other media centers.

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