The determine the efficiency of the MMM website,

The advent of technology in the society especially the Internet illuminates the need to come up with strategies to determine efficiency of information posted in websites and WebPages. This makes it necessary to come up with conclusive and accurate judgments on how a website meets or fail to meet the needs of consumers (Lawrence & Tavakol 190). Certain criteria must be administered in order to determine efficiency of an organization’s webpage or website. An example is seen in Mascot Metal Manufacturers (MMM), a company boasting of world class products and has a detailed outlook of the required quality standards. This site is valuable to a majority of the population especially home owners and builders who may want to establish the authenticity of information posted on the website.


Accuracy is one of the main factors considered by the clients. Swiftness and reliability of the site is evident in the number of customers who depend on it for information about their products. The ability to browse by product and availability of its description presents clients with accurate information on purchases. The hardware products can be expanded for better analysis, providing clients with the ability to order exactly what they want. The site effectively meets the intentions of the company. The website presents trustworthy information on the quality and purpose of products. Its ability to perform advertising purposes gives it quality and the ease of prediction of future requirements. The initiation and operation of the site requires investments which must naturally result in profits (Lawrence & Tavakol 190).

The company is able to realize significant profits by investing in a website. Performance measures of MMM and how they achieve their objectives is usually assessed annually. The organization’s website would be part of this process, and in its evaluation it is seen to align to MMM’s objectives.

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In order to determine the efficiency of the MMM website, it is imperative to gauge the level of user satisfaction. This is achieved upon analysis of how effectively I can access the required information (Lawrence & Tavakol 192). Ease of access ultimately culminates in satisfaction among users and MMM.


The most requested items are the ones which are most conveniently placed on the right side of the page.

There are easy commands in the site with weighty topics, which when clicked on, open up smaller sub-topics hence expedient for the client to make choices. Requests which the consumer places on the search engine are prioritized, and put in more accessible areas. Users may have their own preferences of search names, and it is beneficial for the website developer to avail the desired names in the search engine (Lawrence & Tavakol 194). The site saves time both in commuting and conversations through having a business inquiry form through which they can express their needs and place orders. Formalities in finalizing transactions, which may be boring or involve a lot of tension in face-to-face communications, are easily avoided through interactive web sites. Easy questions like acceptable forms of payment and choices of products get easier and faster response rather than wasting time in appointments.


The size of the website does not hinder its functionality.

It must summarize the latest objectives of the company, and give a general outlook on how it intends to achieve its missions and further emphasize its ISO status. Information on awards, location, date of initiation, and future prospects are outlined to create more impact for purchases. Users require information on which company they are operating with or intend to exploit. The tale of MMM is thus documented in this website. A customer base is easily grown through the website. The success of an organization is significantly influenced by the contacts of clients it has (Lawrence & Tavakol 196). The efficiency of the website to take in addresses throughout the day and night gives it a plus over the ordinary workforce. It has consequently provided options and motivation for customers to attach their contact information.

Contact information

Clear contact information and locations are clearly indicated so that prospective customers can easily follow directions. The website is a useful tool for providing such critical information which strives to make interaction easy. Phone numbers, fax, and email addresses and any other form of communication must be provided. Ways in which clients can provide their details and what challenges they face in the site is offered. In conclusion, the MMM website provides excellent first impression of MMM in the present world of online commerce. The site is often the first place that customers come in contact with the hardware business, giving information on how good the company is doing marketing. The site attracts customers who may not be easily reached through other structures of announcements.

More customers are thus reached through the vast possibilities of the Internet (Lawrence & Tavakol 197). The evaluation of the MMM website has thus helped generate information on the implication of a site in any business organization.

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