Extreme Sports: The World beyond Its Limits

Because of the people’s constant craving for the adrenalin, the dangerous kinds of sports have always been on the top. Since they provide people with the necessary doze of adrenalin, many scientists consider such sport a substance that can be used as a substitute for narcotic. The question is whether the devil is just as black as he is painted.

There is no doubt that dangerous kinds of sports have at least one strong reason to be cultivated. First, it provides a certain solution to give way to the feelings, which is quite impossible in the ordinary life – at least, to the extent that such sports can suggest. Then, this is a perfect way to show people that you “have the guts”, that you are a courageous person, even a daredevil. The latter usually passes as a reason for men to take up these kinds of sports.

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Coming closer to the topic, it is reasonable to figure out which sports are considered as such. Where is the line between the sports and the risky sports drawn?

The most well-known extreme sports are mountaineering, parachute jumping, diving, parkour and snowboarding (Hildyard 8. Unlike the rest of the sports, they involve not only a great deal of stamina, but also a lot of courage which borders with recklessness.

The key idea about all these sports, however different they are, is all the same, and it can be driven to six words, which are: your life is in your hands. The understanding that the consequences of your adventure depend only on the skills of your own, and that you have no one to blame for your own bad luck but yourself encourage the responsibility that each of us have to awaken.

This is the breeze of freedom that one can feel as he or she indulges into the element of theirs, whenever it is the air, or the water, or the earth, or the fire. This is something that can be considered plunging into the nature, betting your own life to win the secrets that the world around hides.

However, that is what concerns me alone. Someone else might feel completely different palette of emotions and think different ideas, but the core notion that the whole experience is sewn through is the feeling that there are no boundaries in this world for the daring ones.

However strange that night sound, these kinds of sports can also learn people to work in team and to appreciate the bunch of people they are working with. This concerns mainly such sports as mountaineering. Being literally bound together with another person whom you hardly know and yet whom you are practically intertwined with is the experience of a lifetime, after which working in an office with a colleague that irritates you seems not to matter anymore.

There is also one more thing owing to which these sports seem so attractive. Parkour as a sport is all shot through with this idea, which is the freedom that only the sports can give. This is the freedom to move and to make decisions; it brings both the muscles and the brain to the ecstatic state.

Once having tried the extreme sports, one cannot help going on and on, plunging into the danger every single moment. This can be transferred to the everyday life as well, and make it seem not so dull and mundane as it used to be.

Craving for the state of happiness, people have tried most unusual things since the beginning of the mankind. The experiments were both successful and devastating, but the end of the journey would always be the same, with the seeker finally finding the heaven he or she was searching for.

Extreme sports are one of such, and, if they make a bunch of people happy, they have proved their right to exist.

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