Femme Noir as the Queen of the Night: Fantastical Transformations of a Woman

Women played a crucial role in art and fashion in different periods of time. Some females were muses for artists and poets while others tried to break the rules established in society and introduce their own perspective of the world through their works of art. As such, it is necessary to see how women can contribute to the innovations and development of both art and fashion.

A new creative project called ‘Art Meets Fashion’ is aimed at showing the benefit of using such exhibitions for educational and informational purposes. Experience gained by the participants of the project is sure to change their perception of the art and design as well as fashion in whole. The project consists of several teams each including an artist, a fashion designer, a representative of school, and a documenter.

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So, the team Femme Noir consists of an artist Duke Windsor, a fashion designer Osbaldo Ahumada, a documenter Susan Lazear, and a school representative Andrea Marx from SD Mesa College. The project Femme Noir was inspired with the image and the entire mood created by the Queen of the Night and her aria in The Magic Flute by Mozart. Fantastic and close-to-life elements can be found in the sculptures being a golden middle of the fashion and art meeting.

Femme Noir is the name of the team that emerged from the image of a woman who knows how to survive in the world of the dark middle ages. So, the team members managed to apply the historic perspective and mood of the aria to the sculpture and painting in a fashionable manner using extravagant colors and irregular shapes. The exhibition of this team’s project will take place in Dolcetti Boutique to encourage the audience to join the world of fashion through art and vice versa.

People that are interested in collaboration between representatives of different fields and development of technologies and useful ideas can find something new in this project as it is aimed at showing the transformation undergone by a queen from Mozart’s aria to fashionable issues created by the Femme Noir team.

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