For become a very important aspect of any

For many people in Thailand today, food
has become a very important aspect of any holiday celebration and special
occasions. In the American western cuisine today, a regular restaurant quality
meal consists of appetizers, followed by the main course, and ends with a
serving of dessert, where each person would order his or her own food. In
Thailand it’s the complete opposite to the American cuisine where they would
never have any structure in their meals like beginning with appetizers and
ending with dessert. In Thai cuisine the number of dishes is based on the
number of people there are around the table, so for example if there are ten
people, then ten dishes would be order. One interesting aspect about Thai
cuisine is that everyone sitting around the table would equally share their
food, so that no one would get stuck with eating the same plate of food,
everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy the unique flavors of all the different
dishes. The main reason that the Thais share their food is because they believe
that it is bad luck for them to eat alone and they see that each meal is a big
celebration of social and friendly interactions. 

When the Thais finished eating all of
their food, they would pack up all of the leftover foods from the meal and
store it in the refrigerator to eat the next day. The people of Thailand have a
strong belief that throwing away food is a very sinful thing to do since it
will dishonor and anger the Thai god causing famine and starvation among the
people of Thailand. The name of the god that the Thais worship is known as the “god
of rice.” This Thai god is a female spiritual entity who protects and ensures
the safety and well-being of the Thais, making sure that everyone has enough
food to eat every day.

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The Thai flatware mainly consist of a fork
and a large spoon, and the size of the spoon that they would use is a
tablespoon. The Thais would hold the spoon on their right hand for scooping up
food like soups into their mouth or for cutting big sizes of food instead of
using a knife, like we would normally do in the western culture. They would
hold the fork in their left hand and use it to gently push the food into their
spoon. The Thais would never consume big pieces of meat like steak or a whole
chicken, instead they would thinly sliced and shredded large cuts of meat and
mix it with various herbs and spices.

The full flavors and taste of Thai cuisine
primarily consist of being sweet, sour, salty, spicy and sometimes a little bit
bitter. Every Thai dish must effectively combine all four of these seasonings
or else the dish wouldn’t be considered savory or delicious. Each meal served
in Thailand generally consists of soups, curry, salad, a deep fried dish,
desserts and some fresh fruits. They would prepare many different types of
curry like sweet green curry, red curry, yellow curry and massaman curry, where
they would pour the curry on top of some white rice and top it off with a fried

type of salad that most Thai people would eat is a spicy papaya salad, since it
provides the right flavor to balance out all of the other dishes. They eat all
of their meals with a sauce known as “Prik Nam Pla,” which consists of fish
sauce with slices of chilies and a few drops of lime juice. Many of the Thai
signature dishes are known to be hot and spicy, because the Thais tend to use a
lot of fresh chilies in their cooking. The Thais would balance out their food
by cooking both spicy and mild dishes so that one dish does not overwhelm the
other. Whenever people in Thailand eat out they would normally order variations
of meat and fish dishes, some vegetable side dish, a soup a noodle dish and
they would always have some fresh fruits like pineapple and mango with sticky
rice for dessert or depending on the region rice cakes. All of the dishes are
brought out to the table where everyone can share the food, instead of serving
the food in courses. The

            The busy lifestyle of the Thais
prompts them to prepare quick and easy meals like Kao Niew moo which is grilled
pork with sticky rice, or a light meal like Johk which is rice porridge,
usually garnished with some cilantro and green onion. The people of Thailand
are also known to be very heavy “snackers” since all of the street food in
Thailand are very cheap and delicious. The most popular snacks in Thailand are spring
rolls, chicken or beef satay, grilled fish, fried rice, Sour Issan sausage, pad
Tai and oyster omelet. Today, pad tai is considered to be one of the most
famous dish in Thailand and around the world, since it has the perfect balance
of sweet, sour and salty flavors that is absolutely irresistible in your mouth.
Pad Thai is made by stir-frying medium sized rice noodles in a wok with a
variety of vegetables and proteins like tofu, bean sprouts, shrimp, chicken,
green onions, garlic, salt and pepper, fish sauce and a squeeze of lime juice.
Eggs are beaten in a separate bowl, and then poured on top of the stir-fried
ingredients in order to help bind everything together. Pad Tai is normally
garnished with a sprinkle of crushed peanuts or wedges of lime and sometimes
vinegar and chili flakes.

Having an exquisite food presentation is
extremely important to the culture of Thailand. A long time ago in the palace,
having proper food presentation was a way of the pleasing the King of Siam.
Therefore, today most Thai food dishes have some of the most beautiful and
elegant presentation in the world. The way that the Thais achieve such
wonderful presentation is by simply using a paring knife and with some ice
color in order to prevent oxidation of the fruits and vegetables when carving.
The Thai chef would carve the fruits and vegetables into elaborate shapes like
flowers and leaves, then they would place it around the plate with the main
item placed in the center of the carved fruits and vegetables.

The people of Thailand actually created
the very popular Siamese cuisine, which is a combination of meat, seafood,
various vegetable and herbs that is eaten with rice. The Chinese gave the Thais
the idea of cooking noodles in a steel wok. Most Thai chefs consider the wok to
be the most important tool in cooking tool since they use it for stir-frying
curries and noodles, deep frying and steaming. Thai food is also influenced by
Indian cuisine like how the different colors of curry are made. One really
interesting thing is that even though the Thais got the idea of making curry
from the Indians, The Thais still managed to incorporate their own unique flavors
and spices in their curry. The Thais would add lemongrass, Thai ginger and holy
basil, which would help give the curry that distinctive and unique Thai taste.

Currently, Thai food is consider to be one
of the most popular and evolved cuisine in the culinary world, since it’s got
inspiration from many other countries including Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Burma,
Vietnam and mainly from India and China. Learning how to cook from many
different cultures can help us create a variety of wonderful dishes that is
very pleasant to eat.


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