From composing and due tothese interests I listen

From an early age there has always been music played in my household, this had a profoundeffect on me as the sounds I was hearing really resonated with me. However, through my earlyteen years I thought that learning how to play and write music in the varied styles I washearing was impossible for me to attain. This conversely pushed me on to want to study musicsince it was something I had a great interest in, so I began to play guitar at the age of 14.I enjoy playing live music and working in a studio environment as well as composing and due tothese interests I listen to a wide range of different musical styles. Within the music I write I like to use different compositional techniques to create interestwithin the pieces, such as modal interchange, chromatics and changing the harmonic rhythm. Tothis end I read around the subject of music theory a great deal, using books such as “The JazzTheory Book”. I also find the psychological effects of music and how it can change people’semotional state interesting. I know that this has personally been a big part of my experiencewith music. I try and bring out the emotional qualities in my music, compositions or guitarplaying in some shape or form. I find analysing music and how it all works together incrediblyinteresting. It allows me to understand the function and the form of pieces at a fundamentallevel, this allows me to understand the way chord sequences are structured and how they workfunctionally within a piece. I find that in doing this it allows me to gain insight into thecomposer’s thought processes and how they use their ideas, and what they were trying toachieve with the piece. I apply this analysis to rhythmic, harmonic and melodic aspects ofsongs and works, this then gives me a greater understanding of the music. I find that I alwayscome out of the process with new and interesting ideas and information I can use. I alwaysfind it to be an inspiring and fun process. I am used to working in teams since I have held a job in Tesco for seven years, this hasresulted in me working with other people and interacting with the public, allowing me to gainpeople skills. I have worked within a group in my department as a team player carrying outessential roles and duties. This has a direct impact on how the store runs and I can see thebenefits of working this way as it helps everyone within the workplace. I have takenresponsibility and led and inducted new staff members entering the workplace and what the jobentails using a friendly open and honest manner.In college I have been involved in extra-curricular activates such as a jazz ensemble where wewould go through lead sheets and play through Jazz standards. Before we played through thestandards we listened to recordings of them to gain insight into the fundamental aspects ofjazz and the core sounds. This gave us a better understanding of what kind of sounds we weredeveloping. I felt that the experience was a good insight in how to play in this style, it hasalso given me valuable insight and information to apply to my own playing and how to approachnew and unfamiliar situations. I feel that overall it has had a positive impact on my ownplaying. My personal interests include, reading autobiographies and fiction. I also enjoy getting toknow and understand people from various backgrounds and walks of life, since I am a verysociable person and would like to think of myself as a people person. I lead a healthy andbalanced lifestyle on a holistic level. I find that looking after myself both mentally andphysically allows me to perform better, whether it is in class or when I’m interacting withothers or within the workplace. I find it to be beneficial in all areas of my life. I alsoenjoy different types of interactive media from various sources.


I'm Morris!

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