George knee cap ring. bada bing bada boom

George shrinks is a story about a little boy named george that isnt gettin anything that he wants. He gets mad at everyone he knows and makes a wish to the world that he wanted to be small so that nobody could see him and he could sneak around doing anything that he wanted. His wish came true and he went to his room and played with all his toys.

IT was very fun and he played with his toy plane and flew all around. He kept playin and playin playiing and playing and playing and plying utill he died and went to the fleet canter to kill bart simpson and bill cosby. After the meteore hit sherman klump came and ate some refride squid beans. Then all of a sudden a flash flood hit as george clooney showed up on the top of the empire state building. He jumped off but lived after a horrible chicken accident happenind in downtown times square.

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The tree in the forest fell down. How much woodwould a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? there is a story that colin marcher had an affair with him. it was a keith kind of day. there were flowers in the medow and also in the dancing queens throne. how many times do i have to tell you that if you throw a turte out of your window it may die unless if its wearing a protective knee cap ring. bada bing bada boom i fell into a shroom. sherlock homes just had an affir with mr ed.

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