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Our new system is certainly the solution to all your entertainment needs. If you have been looking for a stylish way of enjoying yourself, you have just made the right choice by purchasing our new, stylish high power DVD meant for multi-purpose entertainment use. This Stylish High Power DVD System comes with a combination of a DivX® Ultra Playback, Bluetooth options and a ready Progressive Scan, among various other exclusive features.

Product Description

GMR OX8SW 200W DVD and CD Micro Component unit is made into special features which are certain to make a difference in your entertainment options (Fenner 12). Among other significant components, the system features Bluetooth options, Progressive system scan, DivX® ultra system play back and a three-USB input host bearing music and sound recording adjustment. All these wonderful features makes the system an exceptional choice for lovers of entertainment. Other exciting features of GMR OX8SW 200W DVD and CD Micro Component unit include a 4?45 high power Amplifier, double cassette decks and a 50-station memory FM/AM Tuner. The unit’s sound system includes a 9mode Sound field control, Dolby Digital Decoder, MP3 Expander and a Bass X-Boom.

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Incase the 3 USB ports were not enough for your entertainment needs, you can always find happiness in our additional terminal extensions which include a Component Video Out, a Composite Video Out, AUX in, headphone input plus a two-way Karaoke microphone input system. Another outstanding feature coming with our new system is its ‘Photo Viewing’ option which enables easy viewing of images through a mini LCD screen which presents itself at the press of a button. High Power Subwoofer and USB Direct Recording function are other exclusive pack of our High-power DVD micro system. The High Power Subwoofer will always have you daring to move closer to the beat and the vibration mode is enough to turn your house into a club.

The USB direct recording feature makes it easy for you to record music and other audio. This convenience ensures that you are closer to your favorite stuff all the time. On top of the DVD changer, movie fans can enjoy themselves to the fullest in the services of this stylish unit. USB memory devices can be plugged into the system for easy playback of video files of any format including the ones captured using the phone (Yagi 128).


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