History of civilizations

Mesopotamia – “The Cradle of Civilization.” It is indeed a cradle, starting the first civilizations on Earth: Sumer, Babylonia, Hatti (Hittites), Phoenicia, Assyria, Chaldea, Persia, and Hebrews.
Mesopotamia is located between the Tigris River and the Euphrates River, in present day Iraq. Traders, nomadic herders, and invaders all easily overcame the few natural barriers around the Fertile Crescent. (The Fertile Crescent is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf, including Mesopotamia.) As a result, the region became a crossroad where people and ideas met. Each new group that arrived made its own significant contribution to the history of the region.
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Here’s a brief timeline of the events that occurred during the ancient Middle East.

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First cities – c. 3500BC
Invention of the wheel – c. 3200BC
Cuneiform invented – c. 3100BC
First bronze tools – c. 3000BC
First written laws – c. 2350BC
King Sargon unites Mesopotamia – c. 2330BC
Hammurabi rules Babylon – c. 1792-1750BC
Israelites leave Egypt – c. 1250BC
Phoenician alphabet invented – c. 1000BC
Cavalry first used in warfare by Assyrians – c. 883BC
Phoenician colony of Carthage founded – c. 814BC
Nebuchadnezzar rules Babylon / builds Hanging Gardens – c. 605-562BC


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